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  • air pollution

Air Pollution: Must-Know Risks And Solutions

January 28, 2016 |Comments Off on Air Pollution: Must-Know Risks And Solutions

“Any environmental toxin that is present in the mother’s body or that the mother may be exposed to during pregnancy can travel through her placenta directly into the developing baby." - Dr. Murray Clarke, ND., [...]

  • group of children

COD LIVER OIL: Healthy Snapshot

January 14, 2016 |0 Comments

  Q: Why is cod liver oil known around the world as the perfect nutritional supplement for every growing child? A: Because cod liver oil contains Omega-3 oils that directly provide key nutrients to support [...]

7 Steps to Choosing Quality Children’s Supplements

January 6, 2016 |0 Comments

Incorporating high quality supplements into your child’s diet is one of the best ways to ensure proper structural growth, provide immune support and help neutralize exposures to environmental pollutants and toxins. With the myriad of [...]

Health Risks from Electromagnetic Fields: Dr. Gonzalez

December 20, 2015 |0 Comments

Renowned New York cancer specialist, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, talks about health risks from electromagnetic fields and why children are so much more vulnerable.  You'll find out how EMF's interfere with sleep patterns and the resulting [...]