These Eco-Friendly Arts And Craft Projects Inspire Creativity And Imagination

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Arts and crafts is a gift to give to our children.  Sparking and encouraging that creativity in them is priceless.   Today we bring you a guide on some of the projects we have been loving creating with our children.  These arts and crafts are eco-friendly, green, a safe alternative to others readily available in big box stores (PVC-free, petrochemical free, recycled and reusable materials, water based and toxin-free), and down right FUN!  So get moving and start creating! […]

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The Best All Natural, Non-Toxic Sunscreens for Babies & Children

By |June 30, 2010 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Product Reviews, Sun & Outdoors|

By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson We have put to the test a wide variety of non-toxic, healthy, natural, mineral-based sunscreens and are happy to give you the low down [...]

HappyBaby Wins Excellence Award and Answers Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Baby Food

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What we  parents ultimately desire for when we purchase packaged baby food is a chemical-free, hormone free, hormone disruptor-free, wholesome, nutritious meal to conveniently offer our babies.   All that, and of course we want our babies to eat the food too.  HappyBaby™ has a line of premium organic baby foods, meals and finger foods (such as melts and puffs) that have all passed “the test”. Now don’t get me wrong, some baby food bought in a store can be delicious and down right nutritious, but not all of them.  And, wouldn’t it be great to know what you were getting into before you purchased some of these meals?  Well, today we have an extensive, yet quite simple layout of HappyBaby™ food’s organic line of baby food.  Tested by real babies with reviews and feedback from real mamas.  Not only that, but in this review we bring you  answers to questions that every parent should ask about baby food, packaged food and puffs. […]

Tummy Tub’s PVC-Free and BPA-Free Baby Bathtub Is Enjoyable for Infant and Baby

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When I had my baby bath time was fun, but was time consuming and sometimes could be a chore since I usually got into the full size tub with my [...]

Banana For A Splinter – A Parent’s Dream Solution!

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By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Most adults have painful childhood memories about having splinters removed and, as parents, dread the day they have to remove one [...]

Flexibath’s PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free and BPA-Free Folding Bathtub for Babies and Toddlers

By |May 11, 2010 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, Bath & Body Care, MACT Award Winners, Product Reviews, Videos|

Looking for a cool, safe, BPA-free and PVC-free bath tub for babies and small children that you can fold flat to store away? Once baby has outgrown this tub, use it as a storage or recycle bin, just perfect for that too!  We are blown away with how cool this water saving bath tub for little ones is!  What a great invention Flexibath. The creator if this cool tub is from Denmark and Flexibath is already a bestseller in Europe.  It is a huge hit in our home right now too, because I enjoy giving my little boy baths in the innovative Flexibath. I find quite challenging to bathe him otherwise.  Also, we don’t have a lot of storage space, so this bathtub is what we needed.   So if you are into space saving, voila!  Flexibath can be folded in a breeze and can fit just about anywhere: under the sink, bed, closet or in a corner. There are so many reasons why Safbaby awarded the Flexibath with their prestigious Excellence Award. I fell in love with it from bath #1. […]

Safe Alternative Spring Essentials Top Picks

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Eco-friendly, green, nature inspired toys, gifts, books, clothing and more for baby, child and kid are what we are happily highlighting for you all today!  Many of these products are totally natural, and of course all of them are PVC-free, BPA-free, lead free and earth loving. Spring time!  A time when nature all around us is encouraging us to reconnect with her.  A time of sprouting, growing, of uplifting energy and light!  Isn’t that a perfect reflection of our little ones?  So, why not celebrate the gift of Spring with some of these fabulously fun gift ideas for kids. […]

BPA-Free BEABA Babycook Makes Cooking For Baby Easier

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Sandra Blum This French-made all-in-one blender, steamer, defroster and reheater all-in-one is genius!  My little boy is 7 months young and he eats only freshly made babyfood [...]

What You Need To Know About Lead Exposure And Children

By |March 15, 2010 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Books, Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Toxins & Additives, Toys & Activities|

LEAD IS A FACT OF LIFE.  And you need a plan to deal with it.  Thanks to Joanna Cerazy and Sandra Cottingham, authors of Lead Babies, our exclusive interview below [...]

Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

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Fresh Organics pulls through again, with flying colors, with their organic Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash for baby, child (and adults even love it too)!  Fresh Organic’s organic bubble bath was just recently awarded our Green Award, and this shampoo/body wash has been awarded our Green Award too! One of our readers commented on that bubble bath post that she learned some good info on how to keep her child’s sensitive skin protected.  This post will elaborate on that a bit more. All baby and children have sensitive skin.  Their skin is so new and delicate.  What we put on their skin is just as important as what we put into their bodies we believe.  I also have to mention that a baby’s delicate skin is even MORE ABSORBENT to dangerous toxins than us adults. They are just so vulnerable to all of the harmful ingredients that are hiding in many of the skin care products we believe to be safe to use everyday on our children. […]

A Conscious Guide To Childhood Vaccinations

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This is a must read book for all parents who desire to make an educated choice about how to (or not to) vaccinate their child.  A Parents' Conscious Guide To [...]

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Peace of Mind With thinkbaby’s Truly BPA-Free Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup

By |February 4, 2010 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, Food Gear, MACT Award Winners, Product Reviews|

By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Most parents are making the switch from questionably safe plastics made with BPA to ones that are BPA-free. Really, it seems to [...]

Off to a Great Start with Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper Kit

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Bummis Organic Cloth Diaper Kit offers a parent everything you need to get started diapering their baby in a more eco-friendly way!   This kit is supreme, stupendous, ingenious and darn right put together with the finest of materials and durability.  The kits come in 2 sizes and includes prefold inserts, 2 different types of diaper covers, flushable diaper liners, fleece liners to wick away moisture, a wet bag for storage of dirty diapers and a user guide! I personally chose cloth diapers for my baby girl when she was one, and I am so happy I did.  I didn’t do it when she was an infant because I failed miserably my first few attempts and didn’t think I could handle.  The real problem was that I just needed to know a few BASIC things to make diapering in this invaluable way successful.  If I would have had this Bummis Kit, I would have had all the tools I needed. […]

My Favorite Safe and Natural Teething Toy

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My son is little over 4 months old and he’s sucking and chewing anything he can get his hands on. I bought him a bunch of wooden rings, cloth toys and safe plastic teethers, but all he wants is his Sophie the Giraffe. He usually drops toys a few seconds after he chews on them but not Sophie, it is the only toy that stays in his hands for more than 5 minutes! Mommy also appreciates Sophie’s help to keep  little guy happy in the car, crib and even in the bath tub! Below are my top 10 reason, why Sophie the Giraffe is so fabulous and simply irresistible! […]

A Rich Organic Baby Lotion That The Average Income Can Afford!

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It is insanely mind boggling how many dangerous toxins readily make up many of the mainstream skin care products targeted for our children.  Seriously, if the mass public knew the dangers of rubbing these neuro-toxins and hormone disruptors into the bodies of those we love and cherish the most, major companies would be going out of business fast.  Using a non-toxic moisturizer on our children is incredibly important.  Unfortunately not always affordable.  Not anymore! Many children these days also suffer from serious skin conditions such as eczema.  So it is so wonderful to find skin care that is safe for the whole family, organic, hydrating, and INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE! Not only that, but Fresh Organics uses such amazing green practices in their manufacturing process that we are truly blown away!  We love this product, their Velvety Soft Babee Lotion! When our skin feels healthy, we feel healthy!  Dry winter air can cause the moisture in the top layer of your skin to evaporate quickly.  Hence, this may be a time you are beginning to look for a rich, organic lotion for you AND your baby. […]

Inspired To Be The Creative Family

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Is holiday crafting making your home feel a little more creative and festive right about now?  It is in our home.  One of my [...]

Ergobaby Organic: A Beautiful and Organic Pack To Wear Your Baby

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Every single person I know with an Ergobaby Carrier absolutely LOVES it, me included! Do you have a baby/toddler? Do you support an organic lifestyle? If [...]

The Ultimate ‘Safe Alternative’ Gift Guide for Kids 0-6

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We are so happy to bring this Gift Guide for kids to you this year.  We have hand selected only the finest products made from conscious companies with the highest standards in toy safety.  All of these products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, green, or a safe alternative to other similar products readily available at big box stores. We were looking for toys and games that enliven our children’s imaginations, that bring about a feeling of magical play, AND that are healthy!  Santa would be proud to deliver ANY of these gifts and all gifts fit in Santa’s budget too. All gifts are under $100, and we even have a great coupon code from Maukilo too!  Enjoy! […]

Safe Gift Ideas From Our Approved Vendors With Coupon Codes

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We greatly admire all of the companies that you see highlighted on our Approved Vendor page through out the year.  Below are some great gift ideas from these respectable web-retailers [...]

The Media Doesn’t Want You To See This!

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Consuming Kids is an hour message that is incredibly eye-opening and positively influential!  This documentary helps us recognize who we are permitting to teach our children about values, where happiness [...]