Eating Wholesome is Easy For Babies, Toddlers and Adults With This Cookbook

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I can't say that I have ever REALLY enjoyed reading a cookbook like this one!  Eating For the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair is positively inspiring! Feeding the Whole Family [...]

Stainless Steel Ice Cube Trays Makes Safe Frozen Baby Food: A Safe Alternative To Plastic

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Making baby food for your baby is a wonderful gift.  For a baby to receive the nourishment of whole foods, cooked from your garden or local farmer’s market to the table is the best! But sometimes it really is a little too time consuming to make each meal fresh.  Freezing your own cooked baby food is the next best thing to a freshly cooked home-cookin’ meal. And since SAFbaby loves to stray from the norm of plastic everythings, we were really excited to hear about these stainless steel ice cube trays from the Tickle Trunk!  Not only can you make ice cubes from plastic free trays, but what an invention for safely freezing your own homemade baby food and food purees! […]

This SPF Sun Hat for Kids and Adults Tops The Rest!

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This Play Hat from Sunday Afternoons is just about the coolest invention in an SPF hat for children that we’ve seen! When it comes to sun protection clothing, it is nice to know what to look for.  This Sun Hat carries a 50+ UPF!  If a garment has a UPF factor (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) of 50 attached to it, this means that just 1/50th of the sun’s radiation will reach the skin. Our children have such delicate skin.  My daughter’s skin is especially sensitive on her scalp, face and around her eyes.  So keeping her head covered while she is playing in the great outdoors is smart and safe. There are many reasons why this hat is topping the rest….. […]

PVC-Free Wet/Dry Bags: Great for Cloth Diapers, Swim Wear and More

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Oh the uses a mommy will find for these PVC-free and lead-free wet and wet/dry bags by Planet Wise. Not only are they completely waterproof, even at the seams, but they are wonderfully crafted in the USA! PVC or vinyl often lines bags that are meant to be waterproof (such as diaper bags.) But, not only is PVC incredibly toxic, it also can NOT be recycled, making it an environmental toxin too. Not cool. Thanks goodness these stylish wet bags from Planet Wise are totally cool, economical, and made by a eco-conscious husband and wife team in the USA. Also, did you know that many zippers have been pained using paint that contains lead? Yikes! Well, not here. All zippers in Planet Wise’s eco-line of bags are lead free too! […]

Baby Carriers Can Contain Toxic Fire Retardants, Dyes and Formaldehyde

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...that's why we wanted to review a totally natural, non-toxic AND beautiful baby wearing sling.    New Native is a comfortable and easy-to-wear baby carrier, that is free of harmful additives! [...]

Luxuriously Dreamy: Organic Cotton Crib Bedding by Coyuchi

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Coyuchi’s certified organic cotton crib sheets and blankets are THE softest you’ll find!  They are made from 100% certified organic fair trade cotton, and grown “by hand” on family farms in India. My 2 1/2 year old, who is still happily sleeping in her crib, seriously favors this brand of organic bedding. She tells me often how soft her sheets feel and even refused to go to bed one night because I put on her old fitted sheet and blanket (it was laundry day!). Since our young children spend most of their time sleeping, it is nice to know their little growing bodies rest on pure and natural, formaldehyde and toxic-dye free sheets and mattress.  And if you haven’t read our post on the harmful effects of insecticides and pesticides in the cotton industry, please do read! Additionally, Coyuchi’s bedding line (including bumpers, blanket and sham) is dreamy.  The embroidery is so simple and sweet that we just fell in love.  The soft feel of the artwork is perfect for all babies! […]

Go Green With These Economical Organic One Size Cloth Diapers/Wipes

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There is really no excuse decent enough not to go cloth these days. Instead of dumping billions of diapers in landfills which take hundreds of years to decompose, it's time [...]

Eco-friendly Leather Shoes With Natural Rubber Soles and High Standards

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This is premium footwear for babies and kids!  As soon as you get a pair of these conscious shoes in your hand you will melt too.  So soft to the touch, yet sturdy and crafted to perfection. Bobux’s® (a New Zealand based company) eco-friendly, soft soled leather shoes are amazing!  I wish I could fit my foot into a pair of these kickers myself. Not only are each of their i-Walk shoes fastened with convenient Velcro, or a zipper for the stylish eco-friendly cowgirl and cowboy boots, but the sole is soft, flexible, and made of non-slip natural rubber. Additionally, Bobux Eco-leather™ was purposely developed to produce an exceptionally soft surface that would be gentle on baby’s delicate newborn skin AND friendly on the environment.  No wonder my little girl, who typically only wants to go barefoot, actually keeps these shoes on her feet! Bobux® meets high standards when it comes to being an eco-friendly shoe….. […]

PVC-free and BPA-free European Style Bath Tub by Spa Baby for Infants

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When my daughter was an infant she did not like taking baths and we always had to rush through it – it wasn’t pleasant for both of us, including my back. I also found out later, that the tub I’ve been using was made of toxic PVC, like practically all bath tubs on the market today. After talking to my family members and friends in Europe about the unpleasant bathing experience, they told me I MUST use a bath bucket, which are additionally widely recommended by Pediatricians and Midwifes over there (sadly not here in the US!). Apparently, the natural upright position and being in water up to their shoulders mimics the feeling of being in the womb which makes total sense. Even the most colicky baby stays warm, happy and relaxed, exactly what a bathing experience should be like. Another benefit is that it needs less water! […]

Organic Swaddle Blankets by Solana Baby Wear: Non-toxic Dyes and Formaldehyde-free

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I didn’t know anything about swaddling when I had my first baby, but after watching the Happiest Baby on the Block and trying it out, swaddling our little girl was the easiest way to get her to sleep peacefully.  Not to mention, swaddling can help relieve colic and helps an infant to feel safe, as if still snug in mama’s womb. I was not happy though with the heavy cotton receiving blankets I bought, I was constantly afraid my baby would overheat and checked on her often. Additionally, most conventional receiving/swaddling blankets contain harmful dyes, formaldehyde, synthetics (like polyester) and fire retardants.  If you choose a Certified Organic Cotton Swaddle however, you can be certain that what is blanketing your little one’s brand new skin (and nervous system) is 100% pure goodness. […]

This PVC-Free, Eco-friendly Diaper Bag is Practical and Hip

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Here is our take on this pvc-free and eco-friendly diaper bag by FleurVille.  I mean, we are both moms (Sandra ready to be a mama AGAIN) so we have had our fair share of experience with diaper bags.  And we never really have fallen for a diaper bag until now. Most diaper bags are huge, and if you are a mama who carries your babe mostly in a baby carrier or sling toting a huge bag around with you too just does not work.  And I know because I have been there, done that. Hanging the huge bag on my arm wasn’t easy, it would fall down all the time and was totally inconvenient. I usually left it in the car and had to run back to get wipes and diapers. Since I was breastfeeding, I never really needed baby bottles either, so carrying around a huge bag wasn’t necessary.  And now that she is potty trained, my mega diaper bag has no practical use.  But, this hip diaper bag from FleurVille doubles wonderfully as a really cool purse too. […]

SPF Swim Wear and Sports Wear for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

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Simply put, I have not seen a single piece from the Snapper Rock UV50 Collection that I do not absolutely love!  We are not left surprised that Snapper Rock Swim Wear is sold only in the finest boutiques and stores around the world.  (But no worries, we have their link below!) We live on an island and 96% of all of the little girls/toddlers I see on the beach  are wearing itsy bitsy, tiny weenie, cute-as-can-be bikinis. There is no denying that they are cute, but I am always left thinking to myself how happy I am that I have the ability to greatly reduce my baby’s overall harmful sun exposure right now, while she is so young. “Why not let her keep her precious and flawless skin as long as I can?” I think. Well, thanks to Snapper Rock, my little one is looking incredibly stylish, outrageously adorable and can endlessly play in the outdoors without harming her new and beautiful skin. Furthermore, she LOVES to wear her Snapper Rock wear when we are at the beach, the park, or playing in the yard.  I was astonished at how fast my little girl’s swim shorts dried after playing in the river and ocean.  The material is amazing.  Oh yeah, my daughter just loves that her swim shorts HAVE POCKETS!  She thinks that is the coolest. We SAFbaby mama’s think the safe UV50 factor is pretty cool! […]

Hand Sanitizer that Kills 99.9% Germs Without Toxic Synthetic Chemicals

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In the US, we are obsessed with germ killers more than anywhere else in the world! Anti-bacterial products are every where from shoes, tooth brushes, toys, bibs, cutting boards, shower mats, wash gels to hand sanitizers. They’re usually labeled as with words like:  antibacterial, fights germs, protection against mold, and odor-fighting. What are the concerns with most common anti-bacterial products? Well, the first big one for us here at SafBaby is that the most common ones available in our mainstream marketplace kill ALL the bacteria on our skin. Not all bacterias are bad, and we need the good stuff to stay healthy too. The overuse of anti-bacterial soaps, sprays, gels and so on has contributed to helping harmful bacteria become somewhat immune to their use. So, overuse of harsh anti-bacterial products are doing more harm then good over the long haul. A U.S. FDA advisory committee has found that household use of antibacterial products provides no benefits over plain soap and water, and the American Medical Association recommends that triclosan, an antibacterial chemical and pesticide, not be used in the home, as it may encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics.¹ […]

Natural Mat’s Organic Cotton and Natural Latex Mattress: The Coco Mat

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Natural Mat is a respectable mattress company that passes strict US Fire Retardants standards without any use of toxic fire retardants. Right on!  This is not easy to find.  (Please beware of the “organic” label on mattresses unless you really know what you are looking for.) Natural Mat is truly a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free crib mattress that we recommend. Natural Mat uses natural latex, cruelty-free wool and organic cotton in their mattresses.  However, their Coco Mat is latex free. ‘Natural Latex’ was a topic we were feeling quite confused with, so  Natural Mat helped clarify with us how their “natural” process works since they do use natural latex in their more expensive line of organic mattresses.  Also, we cover the subject of potential allergies, and other important concerns in our exclusive interview below! […]

Naturepedic’s Organic Cotton Mattress: Wool Free and Latex Free

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What's special and convenient about Naturpedic's organic mattress for babies and children is that they have a 2-in-1 crib and twin mattress. This versatile 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra [...]

Non-toxic Crib Mattress: Organic doesn’t mean safer!

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Knowing now the dangers of fire retardant to our children, the thought of having my baby face down, or even face up, on a product that is riddled with these dangerous chemicals is frightening. It is also unsettling to think that a mattress can be labeled “organic”, and STILL contain toxic hormone, reproductive, and neurological-disrupting chemicals. Yes, you read that one correctly. An “organic” mattress does NOT mean “free of toxins” or “natural.” (Something to loose sleep over when it comes to the product your baby spends over half of their young years on.) You could be getting fooled by toxic marketing techniques! So, before you spend your money to keep your most precious angel safe and dreamy, read this! […]

Modern, Eco-Friendly Wooden High Chair: Formaldehyde-Free and VOC free paints

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It was love at first site! As soon as I saw the Stokke® Tripp Trapp, eco-friendly wooden high chair, I had to know more about it. What a beautifully constructed piece of functional furniture, with a modern artistry!  (I know, drooling over a highchair may seem infantile, but if you have seen one of these in person, you know exactly what I am talking about.) Not only does it look ravishingly beautiful, but this is the kind of furniture that grows with your baby!  As soon as your baby can sit at the table with you all for his first taste of mashed veggie he will use his Stokke® highchair.  But even as he sits at his desk studying for his college exams, he will still get full use out of his Tripp Trapp Stokke eco-chair!  We love that! […]

Refreshingly Unique Books by Barefoot Books for Babies and Kids

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Barefoot Books is an award-winning, independent publishing company for children's books with a magical gift for stimulating imagination and a love for reading. Their books truly are different from other [...]

Stainless Steel Dish Set, A Safe Alternative to Melamine and Plastic

By |February 16, 2009 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Chemicals in Products, Food Gear, Household, Kitchen, Product Reviews| has been on a quest to find a safe, non-toxic, durable and unbreakable dish set for children! But first, find out why we don't recommend plastic & melamine dish [...]

The Inexpensive Yet Priceless Gift Of Physical Literacy

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After watching  GYMTRIX™, I have been inspired! Life around our house has since been filled with a little more physical activity between my toddler and I.  It has been so [...]