Non-toxic Crib Mattress: Organic doesn’t mean safer!

By |March 25, 2009 |

Knowing now the dangers of fire retardant to our children, the thought of having my baby face down, or even face up, on a product that is riddled with these dangerous chemicals is frightening.

It is also unsettling to think that a mattress can be labeled “organic”, and STILL contain toxic hormone, reproductive, and neurological-disrupting chemicals. Yes, you read that one correctly. An “organic” mattress does NOT mean “free of toxins” or “natural.” (Something to loose sleep over when it comes to the product your baby spends over half of their young years on.)

You could be getting fooled by toxic marketing techniques! So, before you spend your money to keep your most precious angel safe and dreamy, read this!


Modern, Eco-Friendly Wooden High Chair: Formaldehyde-Free and VOC free paints

By |March 10, 2009 |

It was love at first site! As soon as I saw the Stokke® Tripp Trapp, eco-friendly wooden high chair, I had to know more about it.

What a beautifully constructed piece of functional furniture, with a modern artistry!  (I know, drooling over a highchair may seem infantile, but if you have seen one of these in person, you know exactly what I am talking about.)

Not only does it look ravishingly beautiful, but this is the kind of furniture that grows with your baby!  As soon as your baby can sit at the table with you all for his first taste of mashed veggie he will use his Stokke® highchair.  But even as he sits at his desk studying for his college exams, he will still get full use out of his Tripp Trapp Stokke eco-chair!  We love that! […]

Refreshingly Unique Books by Barefoot Books for Babies and Kids

By |February 20, 2009 |

Barefoot Books is an award-winning, independent publishing company for children’s books with a magical gift for stimulating imagination and a love for reading.

Their books truly are different from other books typically found at book stores. We love the creative, colorful and whimsical illustrations and the playful rhythm to each story.

Our daughter’s favorite 2 Barefoot Books are Bear On A Bike, and The Animal Boogie! […]

Stainless Steel Dish Set, A Safe Alternative to Melamine and Plastic

By |February 16, 2009 | has been on a quest to find a safe, non-toxic, durable and unbreakable dish set for children!

But first, find out why we don’t recommend plastic & melamine dish sets:
Although […]

The Inexpensive Yet Priceless Gift Of Physical Literacy

By |January 28, 2009 |

After watching  GYMTRIX™, I have been inspired!

Life around our house has since been filled with a little more physical activity between my toddler and I.  It has been so much fun, and is priceless for my toddler’s development!

Some of my favorite GYMTRIX™ activities are quite simple, yet I had not even thought of implementing them into our daily lives.

But, after watching the DVD and learning all the benefits of “physical literacy”, I am encouraged AND equip to implement this play periodically throughout the day!

My favorite activities in these DVDs are….


Toxins Have Us Running For Eco-Friendly Baby and Kid Shoes

By |January 23, 2009 |

I usually check ingredients carefully when it comes to food, cosmetics and toys, but recently I’ve been curious to look more carefully into what goes into shoes.
Have you ever wondered what shoes are made of?
Finding healthy, non-toxic shoes for kids was a real challenge!  I like my baby/toddler shoes to be healthy, comfortable AND stylish, which is even a bigger challenge.
Dangerous chemicals are used to dye leather shoes, and many people who work and live near tanneries are dying from cancer caused by exposure.  Most of our kids shoes are loaded with these chemicals and there are  unfortunately no strict safety standards in the US.
If there were guidelines for toxic chemicals in our children’s clothing and shoes, would we find a great increase in recalls?  We think so.

Why Choose a Natural Detangler Over a Toxic One?

By |December 17, 2008 |

Made with organic and natural botanicals, this detangler/leave-in-conditioner by Noli-n-Nali™ rocks!

Oh the joys of having a child that loves wearing 2 ponytails, but that doesn’t love having her hair brushed.

When you have a baby or child, you know about that endless rat’s nest that seems to magically form as the hairdo on the back of their heads.

That hair that goes out of control every time they get into a car seat, awaken from a sleepy-time, or just in general!   Finding a detangler seems the simple answer.  But…

What is typically in leading brand’s detanglers for our babies is alarming to us! […]

And Our “Toy Manufacturer of the Year Award” Goes To…..

By |December 16, 2008 |

Honestly, the quality of Plan Toys® is the best we have seen this year!  We are so impressed with this companies work and standards that we had to put a […]

Safe and Non-toxic Christmas Stocking Stuffers

By |November 23, 2008 |

We just adore these personalized Felt stockings from The Land of Nod.  A stocking just doesn’t have that “all-warm-and-cozy” feel if it can belong to just anyone!

Here at SafBaby we are having a ball finding the SAFEST and CUTEST presents to stuff these great stockings with.  And, of course, all of our recommendations are Non-toxic, PVC-free, BPA-free, Lead-free and  unique! […]

SafBaby’s Holiday Gift List for 2008: Healthy Toys Kids Love!

By |November 22, 2008 |

We have literally been up to our ears in toy safety this season. We have reviewed so many toys with our toddlers testing them along side of us. We have […]

A Simple Baby Wrap With Many Benefits

By |November 14, 2008 |

It’s Babywearing week (Nov 12-18) and we thought it would be perfect timing to highlight the Moby™ Baby Wrap, especially since there are so many benefits to wearing your baby.

At first I was a little overwhelmed when I took my wrap out of the cotton bag: 5.5 meters of soft stretch cotton cloth. What now?

Because I am a visual learner, I decided to watch the instruction video from Moby™ Wrap. Simple!
Moby™ Wrap’s Classic Hug Hold
The video demonstrates the ‘classic hug hold’! It is incredible easy to follow and a few minutes later – voilà – I had my Moby Wrap perfectly wrapped around my upper body.

I tried it with my friend’s 5 month old baby, and I have to say it is incredibly comfortable and secure. I was worried at first that the baby could fall out easily, but if you follow the instructions, your baby is absolutely safe. […]

Why Our Children Need Supplements & Natural Immune Boosting Support

By |November 11, 2008 |

Interview by SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson

Ever since my daughter started eating solids, I wondered if a supplement was necessary. If so, what do I look for? Can they […]

Does Being “Too Posh To Push” Have It’s Consequences?

By |November 10, 2008 |

We recently watched this wonderfully made documentary, The Business of Being Born.
Director Abby Epstein, and Executive Producer Ricki Lake’s film takes a closer look at: hospital births, why we have so many C-sections in the USA, and why midwifes are so important and (sadly) disrespected.
Sound like just another boring documentary? Not at all! This film is insightful, entertaining, fun, touching and eye-opening. We think every couple that wants to have a baby, or had one, should watch this. […]

Organic, Chemical-free Sunscreen That You’ll Use Year Round

By |October 23, 2008 |

Having an organic and chemical free sunscreen on hand, even in the fall and winter is important if you enjoy the outdoors like we do.

UVA and UVB sunrays travel directly to the earth, regardless of the weather.  We absorb these rays, but our babies absorb them much faster because their skin is so thin and sensitive.  Things like sand and snow actually reflect these dangerous rays too.  Reflective rays are powerful, and snow can reflect dangerous sun rays up to 88%!

Protecting our babies from reflective rays is best done with a safe, chemical free sunscreen! […]

In Search of PVC-Free Baby Dolls

By |October 16, 2008 |

At Safbaby we have been searching for baby dolls free of PVC for the last few months (in the US and Europe), and we have been unsuccessful in finding one.
Since we’ve recently received an email from a mother who’s desperately trying to find a doll for her little girl that is PVC/Vinyl-Free, we now post our research here for all of you.
Even though most manufacturer claim that PVC/Vinyl without phthalates is not harmful, many experts question it’s safety. […]

Enjoy Your Eco-fabulous Party with Bambu Bamboo!

By |October 13, 2008 |

We used these adorable bamboo disposable plates for my little girl’s second birthday party. What a eco-fabulous way to party in style, along with having the convenience of no clean-up! Nothing like giving a party AND enjoying it too. With Bamdino Bamboo Plates, I was able to do just that!

Along side of the Bamdino Plates, we also used the Bambu Baby and Kids Utensils as a natural non-plastic alternative.

The new Kids Spork double times its duties, and was a fun way to celebrate and eat our fruit salad with too! The sporks were also then taken home by each child to enjoy time and time again. The coolest thing with these, when they out grow them, they can still be used for play with their kitchen and tea sets. […]

Versatile PVC-Free and Eco-Friendly Splash Mat

By |October 6, 2008 |

Now that I have a Mimi the Sardine PVC-Free Splash Mat, I have NO IDEA what I did without it.

We use it for crafty kids projects such as making play dough and while finger painting.

We also use it as a table cloth on my little girls favorite table when we eat there. Oh yes, and of course you can use this great “spill mat” (as we have nick-named it) under baby’s highchair too. […]

Paraben and Sulfate-free Bubble Bath for Baby and Toddler

By |September 21, 2008 |

Although I LOVE a good bubble bath, I haven’t really enjoyed one since I became increasingly aware of what makes up the ingredients of most bubble bath products (sodium laurel sulfates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors). Not very relaxing once you become aware that you are a steeping body in a tub full of potentially harmful chemicals. Kind of robs the moment.

My baby girl had never experienced a lathery, sudsy bubble bath…….. not until we found Little Twig! And that first bubble bath with her made me smile from ear to ear. […]

Keeping Outdoor Play Safe for Baby and Child

By |August 26, 2008 |

It is absolutely essential your baby or child is kept safe in the sun, and Sharksuit makes it easy and fun.

Depending on where you live, shopping for sun protective clothing NOW may seem a little late in the season. But, if you time it right, you can actually save serious money on spf clothing that will, FOR SURE, be useful next summer. And the timing is NOW!

The investment of buying ahead isn’t the only saving! I’ve saved so much money on sunblock since we’ve gotten our fun Sharksuits too. And I know you can relate, applying clothing to a toddler is MUCH EASIER than applying sunscreen!!! […]

Healthy Baby Food That Makes Your Baby Happy

By |August 22, 2008 |

Organic, natural, fresh, and really nutritious….Homemade Baby Food has perfected the recipe for baby food goodness. I have tried many baby foods, and nothing has compared to this!

Dr. Harvey Karp has even been quoted saying, “Thank you Homemade Baby, for making it so easy for parents to feed their babies yummy organic food.”

Have you tried your baby’s food that comes in a jar? I couldn’t eat it, so how can I feed it to my little girl? And the truth is, this jarred stuff may be older than her. Yikes! Thanks, but no thanks.

Well, Homemade Baby’s food does not come in a jar. It is much too fresh to be sitting on a shelf. It is sold in the refrigerated section of health-conscious, health-food stores, and comes in 100% recyclable, safe containers. […]