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SafBaby’s Top 5 Recommended Posts of 2016

By |December 29, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Air, Allergies, Childbirth, Development, Dr. Raymond Silkman, Formula, Mary Cordaro, Natural Remedies, Nursing, Nutrition, Oral Health, Pollution, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Vaccines|

SafBaby shares knowledge throughout the year with the hope that it will help you strengthen the health of your child in every way. We often cover topics that are not discussed enough or offer [...]

Why Is There So Much Lead In Our Soil?

By |April 29, 2013 |Chemicals in Products, Pollution|

Lead Cleanup On Aisle Earth Lead is no ordinary health concern. Unlike some other heavy metals and toxins, lead doesn't show any initial signs of poisoning and can be difficult [...]

From Toxic Toys to Toxic Clothes: Phthalates and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates found in Kids Clothing

By |November 20, 2012 |Chemicals in Products, Clothing & Shoes, Pollution, Water|

Like most of you reading this, I can't afford to just buy certified organic cotton clothes, and I am always well aware that what I am buying may contain chemicals [...]

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What you eat may increase your child’s chance of developing Autism

By |May 17, 2011 |Developmental Disorders, Diet, Food Industry, Pollution|

According to a recent body of research from UC Davis Medical Center, a child that is conceived between December and March has a greater chance of developing Autism than a [...]

Radiation Detox Solutions, Safe For Your Kids!

By |April 21, 2011 |Natural Remedies, Pollution|

Introduction by SafBaby founder Samantha Fox Olson I don't think that I am alone in the feeling random bouts of sadness and disbelief around what is happening in our world [...]

The EPA Lists The Chemicals That Are In Our Environment And Dangerous To Our Children

By |March 17, 2011 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Pollution, Toxins & Additives|

Our children are surrounded by toxic pollutants, but if we know where they are hiding and we stay away from them the best we can, we can make a positive [...]

Some Things You Many Not Have Known About Lead Prevention/Poisioning

By |October 26, 2010 |Developmental Disorders, Pollution, Toxins & Additives, Water|

Did you know that this week is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week?  And because almost one million children in the USA suffer from some form of lead poisoning, we believe [...]

Earth Day Resolutions: Healthy Child Healthy Planet

By |April 22, 2010 |Chemicals in Products, Pollution, Well-being|

It’s Earth Day today! It’s more important than ever that we as parents take action and are a great example for our kids. Everything we dp has an impact on our mother earth. The way we shop, the way we eat, the way we live.  It’s important that we do it all as consciously as a parent can.  We are the example to our kids, and the hope for their future. We have listed some resolutions that we believe all parents can easily incorporate into their lives, with passion and FUN!  We’d love to hear what you do, or what you will make a resolute effort to weave more fully into your lives. […]

The Health And Environmental Aspects of Indulging In Fast Food: Our Interview With An Inspiring 11 Year Old!

By |September 1, 2009 |Food Industry, Nutrition, Pollution, Toxins & Additives|

Koa Halpern is just 11 years old and is already making a profound shift for the positive in his community at large! As founder of Fast Food Free, he has [...]

Eliminating Pesticides And Their Magnified Dangers In Our Children

By |August 19, 2009 |Developmental Disorders, Food Industry, Pollution, Toxins & Additives|

"No need to panic if it's organic."  A catchy phrase, yeah?  Well, we are meant to believe hype such as "we couldn't feed the world population without pesticides" and more, [...]

Find Out What Pesticides Are on Your Food With This Great New Tool!

By |June 26, 2009 |Food Industry, Pollution, Toxins & Additives|

We know pesticides are in the foods we eat, and in our drinking water too.  But do you know just how much, what kinds and which pesticides are the most [...]

What Pregnant Moms and Parents Need to Know About Fish and Mercury

By |April 8, 2009 |Pollution, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Toxins & Additives, Water|

The issue of mercury contamination in seafood is more salient than ever and may be more acute than the FDA or the fishing industry cares to admit. SAFbaby believes that [...]

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Part 2: Tips To Keep Toxic Fire Retardant Chemicals Out Of Our Kids Bodies

By |March 18, 2009 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Indoor Air, Pollution, Videos|

If you happened to miss our previous post regarding the dangers of toxic fire retardant chemicals to our babies and children, and where these chemicals are hiding, please read that [...]

US Children Polluted With Toxic Fire Retardants: Part 1

By |March 16, 2009 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Indoor Air, Pollution, Videos|

Did you know that everyday baby and children's products can contain high amounts of toxic fire retardants? These flame retardants have been shown to cause serious health disorders including endocrine [...]

Eating Organic Without Breaking Your Budget

By |March 12, 2009 |Nutrition, Pollution, Toxins & Additives|

Eating a healthy and whole diet is a sure way of investing in the long-term health and well-being of our children.  Unfortunately, economic times are tough and there are just [...]

Is Your Child Breathing Toxic Air?

By |December 18, 2008 |Pollution|

USA Today tracked the path of industrial pollution and mapped the locations of almost 128,000 schools to determine the levels of toxic chemicals outside.  Titled: The Smokestack Effect – Toxic Air and America’s Schools, this information regarding air pollution is shocking and a must read! This site is so easy to use, and the information here is important for all parents to know about for the long-term health of our children. […]

Powerful Speech Of A 13 Year Old Urging World Leaders To Save The Planet

By |September 25, 2008 |Pollution, Videos, Well-being|

Speaking for ECHO, an Environmental Children’s Organization, this 13 year old girl named Severn Suzuki gave the most powerful speech to the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992. 16 years later, HER SPEECH SEEMS EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER. Speaking for all the generations to come, her voice has touched our hearts, and encourages us to raise our babies to live with this passion, compassion and persuasion. We must lead by example and become part of the solution, not part of the problem. Let’s share and not be greedy. We are deciding what kind of world our babies grow up in. […]

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Decrease World Poverty, Buy Organic Cotton Clothing for Your Baby!

By |March 23, 2008 |Chemicals in Products, Clothing & Shoes, Pollution, Videos, Water|

By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Is it sometimes hard for you too? To give up some of those itsy bitsy outfits that your baby grows out of? Now I am [...]

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The Stink on Disposable Diapers

By |September 30, 2007 |Chemicals in Products, Diapering, Pollution|

By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Honestly, I have to admit, I took a big sigh of relief after reading this report by ABC News: "A new study [...]

Is Tap Water Safe For My Baby?

By |August 27, 2007 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Household, Pollution, Product Reviews, Water|

We have had a 10-way carbon filter by New Wave for our drinking water for a couple of years now. But, once we moved to Southern California, investing in a [...]