• mothers day

Honoring Four Extraordinary Moms on Mothers Day

By |May 11, 2017 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Latest Posts, Mindful Parenting, Well-being|

The greatest change in life that a woman will ever experience is becoming a mother. As every mom soon discovers, there are no books or classes that can fully prepare [...]

  • dental fillings

What You Need To Know About Dental Fillings and Sealants

By |April 22, 2017 |Chemicals in Products, Dr. Murray Clarke, Latest Posts, Oral Health|

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, July 2012 has raised concern about the release of Bisphenol A (BPA) from composite filling materials and dental sealants that are [...]

  • baby crying with colic gripe water

Colic: What It Is and A Safe Solution for Baby

By |March 26, 2017 |0-1 yr, Best Product Awards, Dr. Murray Clarke, Illnesses & Infections, Latest Posts, Natural Remedies, Product Reviews|

Does Your Baby Have Colic? How can you tell if your baby really has colic or not? To help you make the determination, ask: Is your infant in pain, shrieking and inconsolable, [...]

  • healing vegetable soup

Under the Weather? Nourish with this Healing Soup

By |March 12, 2017 |Diet, FOOD & DIET, Latest Posts, Nutrition, Recent Posts, Recipes, Well-being|

Cozy blankets, hot tea, warm soups. Bundle them up and nourish your child with this soothing Healing Soup. Full of nutritious greens like broccoli, asparagus and spinach, this soup will [...]

  • smiling girl on hammock

The Amazing Benefits of Colloidal Silver

By |February 26, 2017 |Dr. Murray Clarke, Illnesses & Infections, Latest Posts, Natural Remedies, Recent Posts|

Every winter parents look for ways to protect their children from cold and flus or at least get their little ones through the illness more easily. One resource that may [...]

  • Children playing in the forest outdoor preschool kindergarten

Forest Kindergarten: The Ultimate Outdoor Classroom

By |January 26, 2017 |3-5 yrs, Daycare and Schools, Development, Latest Posts, Mindful Parenting, Well-being|

An Ideal Learning Environment In many preschools, outdoor time and authentic play are being replaced by an intense emphasis on learning letters and numbers in a very formal, structured and [...]

The Truth About Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiation

By |January 26, 2017 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Cell Phones & WiFi, Development, Developmental Disorders, Homepage Video, Latest Posts, Pregnancy, Radiation, Videos|

Do cell phones really impact health? How? And if the health effects are so bad, why don’t we hear more about it? On November 30, 2015, Dr. Devra Davis, extensively-credentialed [...]

  • Toddler girl ready for winter with immune boosting

Boosting Baby’s and Toddler’s Immune System, NATURALLY!

By |January 20, 2017 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Development, Illnesses & Infections, Natural Remedies, Well-being|

This time of year, little ones are more susceptible to colds and flu. It’s tough to see children sick. “For me, as a mom, I just don't like my little [...]

  • Top 5 posts of 2016

SafBaby’s Top 5 Recommended Posts of 2016

By |December 29, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Air, Allergies, Childbirth, Development, Dr. Raymond Silkman, Formula, Mary Cordaro, Natural Remedies, Nursing, Nutrition, Oral Health, Pollution, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Vaccines|

SafBaby shares knowledge throughout the year with the hope that it will help you strengthen the health of your child in every way. We often cover topics that are not discussed enough or offer [...]

  • Group of children jumping in a meadow

The European Union Is Banning Toxic Silver Mercury Fillings

By |December 20, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Development, Developmental Disorders, Mindful Parenting, Oral Health, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Recent Posts, Well-being|

Update: On April 25, 2017 the European Union Council adopted the following legislation, but European NGOs are asking the dentists of Europe to be proactive and implement the ban immediately [...]

  • family-watching sunset and being grateful for the day

Helping Your Child Cultivate a Gratitude Practice

By |November 3, 2016 |5+ yrs, Mindful Parenting, Well-being|

It’s November and in the United States and a few other countries around the world such as Germany, Japan and Canada, it’s a time to celebrate and give thanks.  Here, [...]

The Secret to a Healthy Baby

By |October 20, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, Childbirth, Development, Homepage Video, Nutrition, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Vaccines, Videos, Well-being|

What if you could positively impact your baby’s health for the rest of his or her life? Knowing what truly lays the foundation for good health could help you do just that. "Infant [...]

  • halloween teal pumpkin

This Halloween, Teal Is The New Orange

By |October 5, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Allergies, Holidays, Mindful Parenting, Toxins & Additives|

Have you spotted teal pumpkins on doorsteps lately? Good News! Families that choose to decorate with teal pumpkins will be offering non-food treats to children this Halloween.   Started in [...]

How To Make Halloween Healthier And Happier

By |October 5, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Holidays, Mindful Parenting, Well-being|

Re-envision Halloween Two thousand years ago, the Celts dressed in costumes and set alight sacred bonfires to appease and ward off the spirits of the dead. Marked by the end [...]

  • face paint

Face Paint: Is It Worth the Risk?

By |September 22, 2016 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Latest Products, Product Recalls|

Face painting has turned into an art form with brushes at the ready to transform your child into the superhero, exotic animal or character of their dreams. Face painters are [...]

  • cod liver oil

COD LIVER OIL: Healthy Snapshot

By |September 6, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Adam Sutter, Childbirth, Development, Diet, Nutrition, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, Well-being|

Q: Why is cod liver oil known around the world as the perfect nutritional supplement for every growing child? A: Because cod liver oil contains Omega-3 oils that directly provide [...]

  • formula

Formula? Wait! Try This First

By |August 22, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, Childbirth, Development, Diet, Formula, Nursing, Nutrition, Pregnancy|

Breast milk is nature’s intended and ideal form of nutrition for infants. It is a highly responsive living food that customizes itself to the specific needs of the baby and [...]

  • immune boosting

Boost Your Child’s Immune System Before School Starts

By |August 5, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Development, Dr. Murray Clarke, Nutrition, Well-being|

Each year in a child’s life is clearly marked and can be remembered by the end of the summer holidays and the return to school. There are many experiences, emotions [...]

  • baby wipes

Body Care Products Causing Epidemic Of Skin Reactions

By |July 22, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Allergies, Bath & Body Care, Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Latest Products, Nursery|

An Epidemic of Contact Dermatitis  A powerful industrial preservative found in baby wipes, band-aids, hand sanitizers, sunscreens, lotions, glue and thousands of other products is causing what dermatologists are calling “an [...]

  • allergy

Kids’ Allergies: The Overlooked Cure

By |July 8, 2016 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Air, Allergies, Dr. Murray Clarke, Natural Remedies|

In our previous post "Why Do More Kids Have Allergies", we shared how allergies are on the rise with more and more children experiencing symptoms that are becoming chronic. For some children, [...]