Do You Know Which Ingredients To Steer Clear Of In Your Kid’s Toothpaste?

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Can you relate to this scenario that one of our MACT Award Mama Testers shared below? "It was always challenging for me to find a toothpaste that didn't contain all [...]

A Safe, Non-toxic & Very Affordable Mattress For Babies & Toddlers

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When entrusting in a mattress for your baby and child there are a few things that are very important to consider. 1. Health 2. Safety 3. Affordability We will define [...]

An All Natural Cough Syrup The Whole Family Can Trust

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Winter time is always a tough time for the little ones with cold and cough season, but winter is definitely not the only time our children get a cough. Deciding [...]

This Healthy HABA Pulling Toy Won The Prestigious MACT Award! Find out why…

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In a world where our children's toys are being recalled daily due to toxic components, there are also companies who offer NATURAL alternatives! These companies are blessing our children's nurseries [...]

PVC-FREE Labels/Bands for Sippy Cups and Bottles Win MACT Award Winning

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The Kidaroo Crew has taken the art of labeling sippy cups and water bottles to the next level! Kidaroo Crew provides parents with a safer and smarter approach to labeling [...]

MACT Award Winning Eco-conscious Arts And Crafts Projects For Kids

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We can honestly say we have never seen a kid activity subscription quite like this one before! Green Kid Crafts has stolen the show and taken the prize for offering [...]

A Fun And Exciting Way To Teach Your Child To Happily Eat Veggies

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Want an exciting way to teach your children to eat healthy? Really, can you imagine: you sit down to the dinner table, and it is fun to be at your [...]

Monkey Tyz Puts A Stop To The Unbuckling Of Chest Clips On Car Seats

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10/23/16  It has come to our attention that Monkey Tyz are no longer available.  There are reports of customers who have ordered on the MonkeyTyz website and did not receive [...]

A PVC-Free Toy, Bath Toy, Beach Toy, and Snacking Container from Green Toys

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We are super excited to introduce to you today the very first stacking toy that has every won BOTH of our MACT Awards! Green Toys™ Stacking Cups wins both the [...]

What People Are Really Saying About and MACT

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Happy Birthday to us! SafBaby just made 4 years (as they say it here in the Hawaiian islands). Sandra and I have been writing articles, interviewing experts and raving only [...]

On Organic Baby And Toddler Food That Is More Nutritious Than Jarred Food

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NurturMe is truly a revolutionary offering for our babies! This new concept in baby food is space-saving, light-weight, minimal eco-friendly packaging, tasty and nutritious - ALL IN ONE! Wow, what [...]

Why MACT Awards Is The Most Trustworthy Award You Should Look For On Your Child’s Products

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OK, so we are just going to be straight up here.  Over the years we have been disturbed and let down, over and over again, with the kinds of toxic products that get awarded by Award Programs for kid’s products.  I mean really, does a plastic junk toy that ends up in our landfills within only a one-child life span really worthy of praise?  I mean, would you award your child for standing on the edge of your neighbor’s pool and peeing into it?  No, probably not.  (You get my drift?) We wanted to bring about a completely new train of thought, a whole new consciousness about, when it comes to raving about what is truly honorable.  AND, we wanted to do it in a colorful and enlightening way so that the reviews that are out there do the trustworthy products justice.  In other words, you will not find an award program that is really offering parents what they deserve, and hopefully crave, to know…. UNTIL NOW.  We are really excited to officially introduce to you, Mom Approved Child Tested, the prestigious MACT Awards. […]

An Organic Teething Toy That Moms Can Trust And Babies Love

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By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon is the first natural teething toy to win BOTH prestigious MACT Awards (Excellence and Green [...]

A Healthy And Convenient Snack for Babies And Kids

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What we parents ultimately desire for when we purchase packaged baby food is a chemical-free, hormone free, hormone disruptor-free, wholesome, nutritious snack to conveniently offer our babies. All that, and of course we want our babies to eat the food too. HappyBaby™ Happy Munchies have proven to fill all of those requirements and then some, making these organic snacks the newest winner of the MACT Excellence Award! One of our mama tester’s comments make us chuckle because of the truth she speaks, “My three-year old is vegetarian, and a picky eater. The Smart Puffs say they are for one year olds, but my three-year old girl loves them: they’re just like Cheetos, only devoid of the horrible additives and preservatives found in conventional brands. But, what’s really exciting is that not only are they devoid of unnatural substances, they are full of good stuff, including the mineral choline, which helps brain development. They are made with broccoli, kale and carrots, among many vitamins and minerals, making them a very smart choice for my little girl who would not eat whole broccoli for a new pony.” Each child is unique. Each child has their own personality and their own way of doing things. Including eating! Sandra’s children (MACT co-founder mama) are a great example of this. Her first child eats whole foods like no other child I have seen. At a very young age I recall her eating a plate of salad and other greens! This is something my 4 year old still won’t take one bite of, and I consider myself an incredibly healthy eater and keep only healthy foods in the house. Sandra’s second child however won’t eat vegetables, won’t even try them. Sandra comments that her son prefers to eat things that come out of a package. Do any of you parents out there relate? […]

This Modern Cloth Diaper By Thirsties Is A Treasure

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Thirsties Modern Cloth Duo Diapers wins the MACT Excellence Award for being a safer alternative to disposable diapers and for bringing a unique design feature to cloth diapering. One of our mama testers raved about this unique design stating, “One of my favorite things was the open sleeve at both ends, most pocket diapers offer just one end open, but this Thirsties Duo has the back and the front open making stuffing much easier.” Stuffing the diaper was not the only advantage to this unique design, find out more reasons why MACT Awards and conscious mamas are lovin’ this treasured cloth diaper! […]

A Natural Way To Soothe A Fussy, Cranky, or Sleepy Baby

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Now, thanks to HABA, parents have a safe and natural plush toy that soothes a fussy, cranky, or sleepy baby and child! The HABA Spelt Cushion Cotti is" a life-saver" [...]

HABA’s Pulling Toy Cotti Puts A Smile On These Kid’s Faces

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Today, the Pulling Toy Cotti wins one of the most prestigious Awards available for children's products today!  The MACT Excellence Award is not easily won, so we are happy to [...]

Rockin Green Soap For Your Cleanest Cloth Diapers

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You may have heard of Rockin’™ Green, “one of the only clean-rinsing detergents that is specifically formulated for cloth diapers, but rocks the wash with all your family’s clothing.”  All 3 of our mama testers that put this product to the test had said, “I have heard of this product and have been wanting to try it.”  Each and every one of them also fell in love with the product and the mamas mentioned they were so stoked they will now make the switch to this detergent permanently! Rockin Green Cloth Diaper & Laundry Detergent was loved by moms because it stripped the nasty smell out cloth diapers that they thought were doomed to stink forever.  The reviews from these mamas truly are something else, and they said they were happy to rave to all of their friends about it too.  (How often do you rave about a laundry soap to your friends?  This stuff must Rock, we thought!) One testing mama offers, “My first thought of this detergent was ‘powder, I’m not so sure’, but the more I used it I noticed that its so much different than any other laundry soap out there. It rinses so well and my diapers have never smelt more fresh and looked so clean. Not only does this soap work wonders on diapers but it can also be used on regular laundry which is wonderful for my household. We don’t have time to keep track of two different soaps for laundry so this made things more easier for us.” […]

Bumboosa Bamboo Baby Wipes Stir Up Quite A Buzz

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There was an incredible amount of buzz coming in to the MACT Awards program from mom’s who have tried Bumboosa Bamboo Baby Wipes.  No wonder our testing panel of  mamas loved these safe alternative baby wipes too!  Not only are they non-toxic and free of harmful ingredients that hide in other baby wipes, but these wipes are made from a renewable resource (bamboo, not cotton/pulp/plastic) and they smell amazing!  This lead to their MACT Excellence Award win! Bumboosa improves on the conventional baby wipes because these wipes are free of:  hormone disrupting parabens, artificial fragrances, and chlorine.  One mama shared her concerns when she learned that her current wipes were filled with nasty chemicals, “The really startling information I learned is that most wipes contain parabens, which are hormone disrupting as they mimic estrogen; the last thing I want for my baby boy is to put a hormone disruptor on his sensitive skin. Baby’s skin is very permeable, meaning when you put something on their skin it enters their bloodstream; so it’s very important what we put on our babies. Bumboosa wipes contains no harsh chemicals, parabens or mineral oils.” […]

Plum Organics First Food For Babies

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Plum™ Organics JUST Fruits is an organic fruit puree, packaged in a BPA-free pouch that “Smells as if you have the actual fruit in hand,” on mama raved. These nutritious first time foods for babies, or snacks for small children, were recently put to the test by conscious moms and young picky eaters. The fruit purees passed the test with such flying colors that they have recently been awarded the MACT Excellence Award. This is a prestigious and respectable award that defines Plum Organics JUST Fruits capable of passing very stringent standards. Plum™ Organics JUST Fruits improves on the conventional baby food readily available in big box stores by bringing organic, quality fruit, packaged in BPA-free containers. These JUST Fruits pouches were loved by babies 6 months – 2 years old. One mama commented, “The first time we used Just baby, my daughter was 6 months.  She is now 17 months and we are still using the fruit pouches.  Most mornings we eat oatmeal and one of our favorite things to add is the Just Prunes made by Plum.” […]