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Colic: What It Is and A Safe Solution for Baby

By |March 26, 2017 |0-1 yr, Best Product Awards, Dr. Murray Clarke, Illnesses & Infections, Latest Posts, Natural Remedies, Product Reviews|

Does Your Baby Have Colic? How can you tell if your baby really has colic or not? To help you make the determination, ask: Is your infant in pain, shrieking and inconsolable, [...]

  • chocolate

The Best Chocolate for Kids…and You!

By |December 3, 2016 |Best Product Awards, Food & Supplements, Nutrition, Product Reviews|

Chocolate that isn't Candy Most of us think “candy” when someone mentions chocolate. That makes sense given that’s the only chocolate we’ve ever known: chocolate mixed with refined sugar, transfats, [...]

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Best Product Award: Enchanted Slumber Sleeper

By |October 22, 2015 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Best Product Awards, Product Reviews, Toys & Activities|

This month, SafBaby presents the Best Product Award to Enchanted Slumber for its “All-In-One Organic Sleeper.”  This unique 100% organic product is truly kid-friendly and provides a safe, non-toxic solution [...]

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The Safest Solution to Plastic Bottles

By |August 20, 2015 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Best Product Awards, Chemicals in Products, Product Reviews, Water, Well-being|

This month, SafBaby is giving a Best Product Award to Lifefactory Reusable Glass Bottles. Specifically, the award is for the bottles with the Classic Cap that allows drinking directly from [...]