Sponsored Post: Discrete and Modern Design Nursing Cover And Giveaway!

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FINALLY...the perfect nursing cover!   'Baby&Me' by organicKidz is the first nursing cover to allow mom and baby to maintain constant eye contact and the only cover that won't flop on [...]

Sponsored Post by Fairhaven Health – Fertility, Pregnancy and Nursing Products

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We are especially thrilled to announce this week's sponsored post from Fairhaven Health because we personally know of 3 women who have become pregnant while using their fertility aid supplement! [...]

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Zero Toxin Nipple Butter Offers Releiving Powers and Wins Award

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The last thing any new mama wants to worry about is cracked, dry, or sore nipples. A mama’s nipples should be in perfect condition so that the experience of each feeding from the breast is enjoyable and full of blissful, nourishing connection. This Natural Nipple Butter is safe for both mamas and babies. No need to wash it off before nursing, and the uses for this balm don’t stop there!  Find out why this lanolin free and all natural Nipple Butter wins a very prestigious award…. […]

BPA-free Breastfeeding Pumps And Breastmilk Storage Containers

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We recently received a question from a reader inquiring about BPA free breastfeeding pumps.  "I have seen your reviews on baby bottles (very much appreciated).  I was wondering if you [...]

10 Safe Alternative Baby Shower Essentials

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you are about to have a baby!  Now is the perfect time to browse through our topic categories on the left side bar (0-1 year) to [...]

Safe Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This is the Ultimate Gift Guide if you are shopping for any mom this Mother's Day.  We have recommendations for the totally natural mom, the yoga mom, the mom who [...]

Mommy Power Has Been Unleashed and SAFbaby Interviewed

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One of my favorite articles here on SAFbaby is one in which we interviewed Kimberely Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT (the “Go-To-Mom”) on the benefits of outdoor play for our children! So, when she asked to interview US for her newest book, the Internet Mommy, we were excited.  What an honor for us to be such an inspiration to this amazing mom, child development expert, author, and executive producer of www.TheGoToMom.TV.   What an honor to be amongst so many incredible women in this book! This book is a colorful bouquet of interviews and short stories, drawn from a diverse group of moms who are spending personal and business time on their computers.  There is delightful humor, potent business sense, and MOMMY POWER alive in every section, making for an uplifting and easy read.  If you are a mommy reading this post now (spending time on the computer), I am SURE you will find yourself laughing aloud and fully inspired to follow your dreams,  while reading this book. […]

Must-Have Organic Spray-On Detangler That Works Without the Toxic Chemicals

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If you use a detangler on your child's hair you must ask yourself what toxic chemicals you are spraying on her/his head daily.  What is typically in leading brand's detanglers [...]

The Ultimate ‘Safe Alternative’ Holiday Gift Guide 2009 for Moms

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Alright mamas, we have happily made your man’s holiday shopping a little more stress free this season!  We have hand picked our most favorite eco-friendly, green, organic and natural products that any woman would LOVE to receive.  Not only is this Gift Guide ideal for moms, but you are certain to find something in here for any special woman in your family’s lives.  Please share this Guide with those you love and cherish! […]

The Media Doesn’t Want You To See This!

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Consuming Kids is an hour message that is incredibly eye-opening and positively influential!  This documentary helps us recognize who we are permitting to teach our children about values, where happiness [...]

This PVC-Free, BPA Free, Lead Free, and Phthalate Teething Toy For Baby Is A Genius Idea!

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This PVC, phthalate, latex, BPA and lead free teething toy from Smart Mom is truly a smart invention.  Practical, a safe alternative to plastic chew toys (and a safe alternative to chewing on metal and beaded jewelry) and stylish! Yep, stylish!  This chew toy doubles as a fun necklace for mom, and a teething toy for baby.  Teething Bling®, this trendy teething jewelry, was inspired by babies who like to tug on women’s jewelry. And any mom can tell you, from experience of babies pulling and mouthing their jewelry, that this is an ingenious idea! […]

This Skin Care Is Our Pick For Pregnant Moms and All Moms This Mother’s Day

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One Sexy Mama! That is how this amazing skin care line from Mama Mio makes me feel. Formulated to naturally elasticize skin, but I am not even pregnant and I am totally hooked! Their Smoothie Kit is a Spa-at-Home Kit includes a miraculous threesome of:  Moisturizing Shower Cream, Supersmooth Body Buff, and Supernourish O-Mega Body Oil. Mama Mio products are primarily designed for one thing:  increasing skin elasticity. Very important for expecting mothers, and essential for good skin in general. But, along with all that goodness, I was addicted and in-love with these products the second they kissed my skin, the moment I smelled them. […]

A Safer Alternative to Fertility Drugs

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When I met a women who told me her success story with the natural fertility supplement FertilAid, she grabbed my curiosity.  A potentially safe and effective alternative to fertility drugs/treatments? She had tried to get pregnant for over a year before giving FertilAid a try.  Both she and her husband took the supplements, and after just 2 months she became pregnant! She also mentioned, with a smile, another side effects of Fertile Aid CM is it increases libido!  (Apparently her friends are taking the supplement now too, just for that benefit.) So, with all this curiosity in me, I had to give it a try….. […]

What Every First Aid Kit Should Include: SafetyMate’s Talking First Aid

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The SafetyMate® is a wonderful extension to any first-aid kit because it covers infant, child and adult emergencies. It is, actually the "Talking First Aid", which talks you through 30+ [...]

Yoga Can Increase Fertility

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Being a yoga teacher, and practitioner for over 18 years, I have to say it was my pleasure reviewing this DVD, Breathe, Bend, and [...]

Gifts For Moms Who Have Everything

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Looking for a unique Christmas or holiday gift for a special mom or grandmother? We are excited to recommend this list of earth-conscious products that any hip woman would love to find under the tree. There is surely a gift in this list that will make her feel special. Like you really searched to find something useful and sweetly meaningful, just for her. […]

Why Toyota Prius Is a Great Family Car

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Although it’s just a temporary solution and not THE solution, my husband and I decided to cut down on fossil fuel usage by driving a fuel-efficient[tag] hybrid car [/tag]. We also wanted to set a great example to our daughter by caring about the environment and her future. After reading reviews and test-driving a few hybrids, we decided to purchase a [tag]Toyota Prius[/tag]. I had to write this review because so many parents asked us, if it’s spacious enough for our family. And once I showed them how much room there was, they were usually very impressed. […]

Product Review: Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother’s Milk Tea

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Mother's Milk Tea was a tea that I used when I was still nursing my baby. I highly recommend this tea to all nursing mamas, especially if [...]

Product Review: The Happiest Baby on the Block

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Have you ever wished you had a magic solution to help calm or soothe your baby? Would you like to learn how to turn tears into tranquility? Well, if you are a parent, a grandparent, or a caregiver of any sorts, the answer is “YES!” We have already reviewed Dr. Harvey Karp, M.D’s Happiest Toddler on the Block, and I will have to say that I am incorporating, daily, some of the tools I learned from him there. Invaluable tips, and [tag] Happiest Baby on the Block [/tag] is just as valuable a tool for parents everywhere. A great thing about this DVD is that it puts you directly into real live circumstances, with real babies and real parents, and shows you step-by-step instructions on how to effectively sooth your baby. […]

Happy New Year!

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Greetings to all of our SafBaby readers. What is it about having a baby, or a toddler running around, that makes time go even faster than it normally does? Maybe it is the precious way they seemingly grow before our eyes, or the miraculous ways in which they learn day in and day out. Whatever it may be, as parents we know it is so true, “it goes so fast!” As we venture into 2008 (wow!), we are full of gratitude to all of our readers for your continued support. For those of you who have helped us spread the word about SafBaby, know how much we appreciate you! […]