Monkey Tyz Puts A Stop To The Unbuckling Of Chest Clips On Car Seats

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10/23/16  It has come to our attention that Monkey Tyz are no longer available.  There are reports of customers who have ordered on the MonkeyTyz website and did not receive [...]

On Organic Way To Wear Your Infant Or Baby Comfortably

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The Organic Sleepy Wrap™ is a proven way to calm and relax your new baby when they show signs of distress. Additionally, the Organic Sleepy Wrap made carrying their babies and nursing easier and allowed for longer bonding. This non toxic wrap was loved by each and every mom tester for a multitude of reasons which lead to their prestigious MACT Excellence Award!  This is a respectable Award that is not easily deserved. The Organic Sleepy Wrap™ improves on the conventional baby wrap because it is non-toxic and very comfortable. This wrap was loved by moms because it comforted fussy babies, made chores possible while wearing the baby because both hands were always free, and because there are no snaps, velcro or clips the wrap is comfortable for both mom and baby. Mom’s with twins also loved the convenience of wearing 2 babies as infants at the same time, and when bigger could wear one and hold the other. One mama commented, “I had used 2 other carriers before and I hated them both! Both of them pulled on my neck and shoulders and were so cumbersome that I couldn’t really do anything while wearing the baby. However, the Sleepy Wrap is different!” And yet another mama, “I will be traveling by airplane this summer and I know my Sleepy Wrap is going to save me as I fly all night with my baby boy. Wearing the Wrap is so comfortable that I can easily picture myself wearing him all night long with ease. My other carriers are nowhere near comfortable enough to wear all night long.” […]

Boba: A Modern And Eco-Friendly Baby Carrier That Is Truly Unique!

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Boba Organic 2G Carriers are a modern and eco-friendly, soft structured way to comfortably wear any child 15-45 lbs. This innovative carrier was loved by each and every mom tester from MACT Awards for a multitude of reasons which lead to their awards of both the Excellence Award and the Green Award!  Both of these Awards are prestigious and respectable because they not easily deserved, so have fun reading all about what makes this product so fantastic. The Boba Organic 2G Carrier improves on the conventional baby carriers by bringing some very unique and patent pending features to their certified organic cotton baby wearing pack. This carrier was loved by moms, dad and children alike because of some features that are unique to Boba 2G alone. The Boba 2G Carrier comforted fussy toddlers, making running errands in town much more convenient.  Families also enjoyed hiking and walking in nature with their child more often because it is comfortable for both parent and child.  The removable, patent-pending foot straps rock.  One mama says, “These straps put knees at hip level for proper leg support for children around 2+ years. I found these helped my daughter for a more comfortable ride on longer outings.”  And another mama loved the hood, “”I felt very much at ease and covered breast feeding my little girl on the beach using the hoody.” In a world full of baby wearing devices, the Boba 2G is unique! […]

Patemm Changing Pad Wins Prestigious Award

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The Patemm Laminated Cotton Changing Pad is a revolutionary, chemical free changing pad. Free of: PVC, BPA, formaldehyde, phthaltes, and latex, this round changing pad will blow your mind! Honestly, our panel of mommy testers had no idea what an amazing product this would be until they got their babies onto it for the first time. Now, any other changing pad they ever thought of using seems juvenile.  One mama even said, “I didn’t realize how ridiculously small and awkward my original small rectangle changing pad is until I used the Patemm pad.”  The Patemm Laminated Cotton Round Changing Pad offers something to diaper changes that no other changing pad can mess with. Lets find out more about why Patemm Laminated Cotton Changing Pad is a safer alternative! And then we also are super excited to share why all the mamas who got their hands on this product love it! […]

4 Eco-Friendly/Organic Baby Carriers Put to the Test

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Sandra Blum I love carrying my baby boy around in a baby carrier.  I've tested several baby carriers for this post and wanted to share my opinion [...]

Safe and Non-toxic Organic Nap Mat by Sewn Natural: PVC-Free and Fire Retardant-Free

By |May 13, 2010 |1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Gear, Product Reviews|

Nap mats are designed to keep our precious children cozy during quiet nap times in day care, preschool and kindergarten.  They are not suppose to be a toxic breathing space that may affect the long term health of their brain, nervous system, respiratory systems and (oh yeah) endocrine systems. When I started looking for a safe nap mat for my little one for preschool I thought I must be caught up in a horrible nightmare.   Almost all sleep mats are  made of PVC/vinyl and fire retardant chemical soaked foams!  Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t want my child playing with a vinyl toy let alone sleeping for hours on a PVC mat! But now I can rest assured that my little angel will be taking naps at school that DO benefit her brain!   We are super happy to tell you about a chemical-free, organic cotton and hemp sleep mat that we found on Etsy and is made by hand in Ottawa, Canada.  Now we can sleep tight at night knowing that this safe alternative sleep mat is available for our little dreamers. […]

Baby Wearing And Baby Slings. What’s Safe?

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CPSC recently recalled Infantino's Baby Sling due to 3 infant deaths. But, that is not all. CPSC now warns about the safety of all baby slings. Below we have their statement, but we [...]

Ergobaby Organic: A Beautiful and Organic Pack To Wear Your Baby

By |December 11, 2009 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Gear, Latest Products, MACT Award Winners, Product Reviews|

By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Every single person I know with an Ergobaby Carrier absolutely LOVES it, me included! Do you have a baby/toddler? Do you support an organic lifestyle? If [...]

Baby Carriers Can Contain Toxic Fire Retardants, Dyes and Formaldehyde

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...that's why we wanted to review a totally natural, non-toxic AND beautiful baby wearing sling.    New Native is a comfortable and easy-to-wear baby carrier, that is free of harmful additives! [...]

Modern, Eco-Friendly Wooden High Chair: Formaldehyde-Free and VOC free paints

By |March 10, 2009 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Gear, Product Reviews|

It was love at first site! As soon as I saw the Stokke® Tripp Trapp, eco-friendly wooden high chair, I had to know more about it. What a beautifully constructed piece of functional furniture, with a modern artistry!  (I know, drooling over a highchair may seem infantile, but if you have seen one of these in person, you know exactly what I am talking about.) Not only does it look ravishingly beautiful, but this is the kind of furniture that grows with your baby!  As soon as your baby can sit at the table with you all for his first taste of mashed veggie he will use his Stokke® highchair.  But even as he sits at his desk studying for his college exams, he will still get full use out of his Tripp Trapp Stokke eco-chair!  We love that! […]

Adjustable PVC-Free Potty Seat for Toddler by Baby Bjorn

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If you are potty training or will be soon, you will be happy to know about this PVC-free potty seat. The BabyBjorn Toilet Trainer was a real winner since the [...]

Mom and Toddler Bond in Eco-Friendly Style

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These trendy and completely functional Carrybags by Reisenthel are eco-friendly and totally cool! Better yet, you can purchase matching ones for mommy and toddler, and turn smiling heads on all [...]

A Simple Baby Wrap With Many Benefits

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It’s Babywearing week (Nov 12-18) and we thought it would be perfect timing to highlight the Moby™ Baby Wrap, especially since there are so many benefits to wearing your baby. At first I was a little overwhelmed when I took my wrap out of the cotton bag: 5.5 meters of soft stretch cotton cloth. What now? Because I am a visual learner, I decided to watch the instruction video from Moby™ Wrap. Simple! Moby™ Wrap’s Classic Hug Hold The video demonstrates the ‘classic hug hold’! It is incredible easy to follow and a few minutes later – voilà – I had my Moby Wrap perfectly wrapped around my upper body. I tried it with my friend’s 5 month old baby, and I have to say it is incredibly comfortable and secure. I was worried at first that the baby could fall out easily, but if you follow the instructions, your baby is absolutely safe. […]

Keep Your Child Safe! Find Out Which Cars and Car Seats Contain Toxic Chemicals.

By |August 4, 2008 |Chemicals in Products, Gear, Petitions| has just released the 2nd annual consumer guide to toxic chemicals in cars (and child, baby, and infant car seats), complete with the newest test results for over 200 of the most popular 2008 and 2009 model vehicles and over 60 child car seats. As an added bonus, this year’s rankings are cross-referenced with fuel economy figures, allowing consumers to find both healthy and fuel-efficient vehicles. This is great information for parents! We spend so much accumulated time in vehicles with our children, and many cars release toxins that are linked to birth defects, cancer, and learning disabilities. The videos below wonderfully show what toxins hide where, how they affect our health, and what you can do to find the healthiest car in the future. […]

This Non-Toxic, Wooden Svan Highchair is a Beauty

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When I was looking for a high chair for my baby, I knew that I wanted a wooden one. I looked all over before we finally found one we liked. I thought I was very happy with it, that is until the day I saw Sandra’s baby’s high chair! […]

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Jawdropping: What’s Being Out-Gassed in Your Baby’s and Toddler’s Car Seat!

By |November 14, 2007 |Chemicals in Products, Gear, Petitions|

By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson There have been a few times where my baby has fallen asleep in the car and instead of taking her out of the seat [...]

Product Review: Baby Ergo Carrier

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If I had to pick 3 things that I would not want to go without, the Ergo Baby Carrier would be one of them! Me and my husband love to be in nature and hike, so this definitely fits into our lifestyle perfectly. We have the organic denim carrier, but they come in other colors too. I was first introduced to the Ergo Baby Carrier when my friend came to visit us in Kauai. My baby was 3 months old, and her boy was 1 years old. She wore her boy all over the island, and not only was I totally sold on one for us, it seemed that a mom in every spot we went to was asking her about it as well. […]