These Eco-Friendly Arts And Craft Projects Inspire Creativity And Imagination

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Arts and crafts is a gift to give to our children.  Sparking and encouraging that creativity in them is priceless.   Today we bring you a guide on some of the projects we have been loving creating with our children.  These arts and crafts are eco-friendly, green, a safe alternative to others readily available in big box stores (PVC-free, petrochemical free, recycled and reusable materials, water based and toxin-free), and down right FUN!  So get moving and start creating! […]

10 Safe Alternative Baby Shower Essentials

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you are about to have a baby!  Now is the perfect time to browse through our topic categories on the left side bar (0-1 year) to [...]

Safe Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This is the Ultimate Gift Guide if you are shopping for any mom this Mother's Day.  We have recommendations for the totally natural mom, the yoga mom, the mom who [...]

Safe Alternative Spring Essentials Top Picks

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Eco-friendly, green, nature inspired toys, gifts, books, clothing and more for baby, child and kid are what we are happily highlighting for you all today!  Many of these products are totally natural, and of course all of them are PVC-free, BPA-free, lead free and earth loving. Spring time!  A time when nature all around us is encouraging us to reconnect with her.  A time of sprouting, growing, of uplifting energy and light!  Isn’t that a perfect reflection of our little ones?  So, why not celebrate the gift of Spring with some of these fabulously fun gift ideas for kids. […]

The Ultimate ‘Safe Alternative’ Gift Guide for Kids 0-6

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We are so happy to bring this Gift Guide for kids to you this year.  We have hand selected only the finest products made from conscious companies with the highest standards in toy safety.  All of these products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, green, or a safe alternative to other similar products readily available at big box stores. We were looking for toys and games that enliven our children’s imaginations, that bring about a feeling of magical play, AND that are healthy!  Santa would be proud to deliver ANY of these gifts and all gifts fit in Santa’s budget too. All gifts are under $100, and we even have a great coupon code from Maukilo too!  Enjoy! […]

The Ultimate ‘Safe Alternative’ Holiday Gift Guide 2009 for Moms

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Alright mamas, we have happily made your man’s holiday shopping a little more stress free this season!  We have hand picked our most favorite eco-friendly, green, organic and natural products that any woman would LOVE to receive.  Not only is this Gift Guide ideal for moms, but you are certain to find something in here for any special woman in your family’s lives.  Please share this Guide with those you love and cherish! […]

Safe Gift Ideas From Our Approved Vendors With Coupon Codes

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We greatly admire all of the companies that you see highlighted on our Approved Vendor page through out the year.  Below are some great gift ideas from these respectable web-retailers [...]

Father’s Day Aligns With Summer Solstice, Organic Skin Care for just $20!

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What I love about VedaDUDE Chill, aside the fact that they are superbly formulated by a top New York pediatrician with holistic principles AND made from organic ingredients, is that they are PRACTICAL and will happily be used by Daddy! With Father’s Day aligning right with Summer Solstice this year, why not offer daddy a gift that will nourish his skin this summer?  He won’t be disappointed! My husband is not the picky type when it comes to skin care.  I am the one with more concern in those matters.  However, when he tried VedaDUDE Chill, he continued to comment throughout the day on how much he liked this particular product. […]

Gifts For Moms Who Have Everything

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Looking for a unique Christmas or holiday gift for a special mom or grandmother? We are excited to recommend this list of earth-conscious products that any hip woman would love to find under the tree. There is surely a gift in this list that will make her feel special. Like you really searched to find something useful and sweetly meaningful, just for her. […]

Safe and Non-toxic Christmas Stocking Stuffers

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We just adore these personalized Felt stockings from The Land of Nod.  A stocking just doesn’t have that “all-warm-and-cozy” feel if it can belong to just anyone! Here at SafBaby we are having a ball finding the SAFEST and CUTEST presents to stuff these great stockings with.  And, of course, all of our recommendations are Non-toxic, PVC-free, BPA-free, Lead-free and  unique! […]

SafBaby’s Holiday Gift List for 2008: Healthy Toys Kids Love!

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We have literally been up to our ears in toy safety this season. We have reviewed so many toys with our toddlers testing them along side of us. We have [...]