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Silicone Baking Mold Tested! How Safe Are They Really? Not Many Are!

By |April 11, 2013 |Chemicals in Products, Household, Kitchen|

By SafBaby Co-Founder Sandra Blum Silicone baking molds are inexpensive, take up little space and do not require greasing. But what happens to the silicone when it is heated in [...]

Are Your Cleaning Products Truly Eco and Safe? You Must Know This Before Buying Another Solution!

By |April 9, 2013 |Household, Kitchen, Product Reviews|

We are very excited today to announce today's Post Sponsor: CleanHappens! Did you know that manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to list all of the ingredients in their [...]

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A Guide to Non-toxic Baking: Free of Silicone, Non-stick Coating, Plastic and Aluminum

By |February 12, 2013 |Chemicals in Products, Household, Kitchen|

I have always loved to bake. Whether it's baking mac n' cheese, chicken, or desserts, I love how easy it is just to plop something into the oven and go [...]

Hydrogen Peroxide: Treats Colds Naturally And Can Be Used As An Effective Natural Home and Produce Cleaner

By |March 1, 2012 |Household, Illnesses & Infections, Kitchen, Natural Remedies|

When I compare the cost of one of the all natural cleaners that I use (made right here on the island I live on) to the cost of these 2 [...]

  • Is Stainless Steel safer than Cast Iron Cookware?

Which Cookware Is Really The Safest?

By |January 20, 2012 |Chemicals in Products, Household, Kitchen|

Last July we posted an article by Jamey Lacy-July titled, "Is Silicone In Baby Products And Bakeware Really Safe?" It is a very informative article addressing the astonishing numbers of [...]

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Is Silicone In Baby Products And Bakeware Really Safe?

By |July 28, 2011 |Baby Accessories, Chemicals in Products, Food Gear, Illnesses & Infections, Kitchen|

By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson In October of 2010 we raised the question, "Is Silicone Safe?"  If you haven't read this article, we suggest you check [...]

Untested Chemicals in Products We Use

By |August 2, 2010 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Indoor Air, Kitchen, Petitions|

It's upsetting to know that the toxic chemicals used in stain-resistant children's fabrics, pizza boxes, fast food containers, inks, nonstick cookware and many other products (being used on and around [...]

Well-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware: A Safe Alternative to Teflon

By |November 16, 2009 |Chemicals in Products, Kitchen|

Do you rely like most of us on Non-stick Teflon cookware? You probably know that they contain Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), which has  been linked to cancer, low birth weight and suppressed immune system in lab animals. It’s also been found in most American’s blood including newborns. We have tested a few safe alternative and PFOA-free non-stick cookware for Safbaby.com but weren’t satisfied enough to rave about them on our blog. If you own a cast iron skillet and rarely use it because food sticks to it, try the following tip, it works!! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive cookware! […]

Stainless Steel Dish Set, A Safe Alternative to Melamine and Plastic

By |February 16, 2009 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Chemicals in Products, Food Gear, Household, Kitchen, Product Reviews|

SAFbaby.com has been on a quest to find a safe, non-toxic, durable and unbreakable dish set for children! But first, find out why we don't recommend plastic & melamine dish [...]

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Lead and Cadmium in Dinnerware

By |January 6, 2008 |Chemicals in Products, Household, Kitchen|

By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Why Lead in Dinnerware Matters I've heard about lead in dinnerware but was never concerned about it before we had our [...]

Is this “POISON!” in your home?

By |October 15, 2007 |Chemicals in Products, Household, Indoor Air, Kitchen|

A friend of mine has 3 gorgeous boys. About six years ago now, she had taken one of them to an audition for staring in commercials. This story is so great, after all these years of hearing it, I can still hear his little voice like it was yesterday. Caleb was given a few household items to “improv” with. They just wanted to see how he’d turn it on, how he’d present the products, and see how he “sold” it. What he did next is what has always stuck with me…. He choose a can of air freshener. With his steady stance, he held up the aerosol can, and with the conviction of a drill Sargent yelled, “POISON!” Yep, at 4 years old, this little guy knew more about the dangers of certain household cleansers and air fresheners than the people marketing them did! Fabulous Caleb, you are my hero kid. […]