Protect Your Family Against Ticks and Lyme Disease Without Using Chemicals

By |March 29, 2012 |Andrea Candee, Illnesses & Infections, Natural Remedies, Pets|

Introduction by SafBaby Co-Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson We have just welcomed aboard Andrea Candee, MH, MSC to our panel of SafBaby Health Experts and today she is covering [...]

Safe Alternative and Non-toxic Head Lice and Flea Treatment That Works

By |November 24, 2011 |Andrea Candee, Illnesses & Infections, Natural Remedies, Pets|

My daughter started kindergarten this year and we have already received one phone call notifying me that her dear friend has contracted head lice, a full search done at their [...]

Toxic Flea and Tick Collars Are Dangerous To Kids So Try These Natural Flea Remedies

By |April 7, 2011 |Chemicals in Products, Developmental Disorders, Natural Remedies, Pets|

Did you know that most flea and tick collars are potentially toxic to both our children and our pets?  Do you know which ones are most dangerous and why? Sadly, [...]