Our Search for the Best AIO Cloth Diapers

September 3, 2010 | 6 Comments

We know what is on your minds because you tell us and we listen.  The  questions  “Which AIO diaper do you recommend most?” and “Is the AIO diaper truly the most convenient cloth diaper there is?” sparked our interest in finding THE BEST AIO Diapers available in the marketplace today.  We want our readers to know who has the goods! As with any product we feature on our blog, we ALWAYS test the products we rave about.

There is probably no bigger waste during a child’s first 2 years than disposable diapers.  Your child plays with non-toxic toys, eats organic food but having your child wrapped in chlorine, TBT, SAP and petroleum is toxic exposure, all day every day.   Making this one switch  can positively impact the long term health of your child and our planet.   For more information on disposable diapers, please read our post: The Stink on Disposable Diapers.

The  AIO diapers are convenient, easy and practical, especially for beginners and for those hesitant to go cloth. The AIO ONE SIZE can even be used from birth until potty training.

We want to encourage parents to GO CLOTH, that’s why we’re looking for the most convenient, mess free, and conformable AIO diaper that’s gentle to baby’ skin and planet.  We also evaluate price, quality, company practices, where they’re made, how well they wash, style and much more.

Our favorite ones will receive our prestigious ‘Mom Approved – Child Tested’ Excellence and/or Green Award and ONE will additionally receive our  ‘BEST OF 2010′  Award Seal.

So today we want to hear from readers who cloth diaper and have a particular AIO that they love.  If you are a company who would like to submit your AIO diapers, please email us!

May the search begin…


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  • http://mightynest.com kristen conn

    We use FuzziBunz and they’ve worked well, but they’re the pocket style.

  • Katie

    Go Homemade, and help a stay at home mom stay home! Robyn’s Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diapers! I love them! I regret buying any from anywhere else that I have.. They are adorable, easy to care for, and made to order!! How can you beat that!?

  • Cindy

    I tried several, Kushies AIO is my favorite!

  • Michelle

    We love our Fuzzi Bunz. My friend likes her BumGenius but she has had to replace the velcro a couple times..easy enough for her because she knows how to sew..me not so much so I went with the Fuzzi Bunz because of the snaps. They have worked just fine for the past 10 months :-) a bit pricey upfront but way cheaper than ‘poseys’ from birth to potty.

  • Rachel

    I’ve tried a few brands, but by far I love SposoEasy by Blue Penguin. I LOVE that they are cotton (choice of organic, unbleach, or bleached)-soft natural fabric and easy to clean. Daycare, grandparents, and daddy have no problems using them. My sposoeasy diapers were the trimmest of the ones I tried and overnight well with an additional absorber. DD is 17 months and I have purchased 2 sizes: small and she is currently in Medium Long (great for tall babies) and it looks like she will stay in the size until potty trained. I’m glad I went with sized diapers. I have a “birth to potty train” sizable diaper and DD grew too big for it many months ago. I love the comfort, ease, and smaller ecological footprint of the SposoEasy diapers; I’m so glad to have found them!

  • Andrea

    I think a cloth diaper does not have to be an AIO to be super easy. However, my favorite cloth diaper IS an AIO. The Bumgenius Elemental Organic is trim, fits well (I’ve used it from 5 months to 20 months with success) and holds a lot (even overnight sometimes). I love the colors. It is super good quality and comes in snaps. It even dries relatively quickly. I have not had one of mine fail in anyway. It’s a bit expensive, but they are organic cotton! I look for gently used ones or get them on sale when I can.

    That being said, once my daughter was not exclusively breastfed, it is no fun to change a poopy diaper in this kind of AIO. The flaps (that help it be more absorbant and dry quickly) catch “stuff” under them, it’s a pain to spray or scrape into the toilet. I have had success with using flushable diaper liners that just lift out of the diaper and flush everything. If they are merely wet, they can be washed and used a few times before desentigrating. Or you can use these diapers in conjunction with another fleece variety AIO. Poop usually comes off of a fleece diaper when inverted over a toilet. Although they are pockets, I have appreciated Smartipants for a good back-up “expecting poopy” diaper. They have a green edged insert that is easy to sort and their design allows the insert to come out in the wash, meaning very minimal contact with hands! Yay! Oh, and Smartipants are just about the cheapest diaper out there, come with snaps, and in lots of cute colors.

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