From Toxic Toys to Toxic Clothes: Phthalates and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates found in Kids Clothing

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Like most of you reading this, I can't afford to just buy certified organic cotton clothes, and I am always well aware that what I am buying may contain chemicals [...]

An Organic Teething Toy That Moms Can Trust And Babies Love

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By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson Dress Me Up Organic Teething Bonbon is the first natural teething toy to win BOTH prestigious MACT Awards (Excellence and Green [...]

GroVia Organic Cloth Diapers Are Revolutionary

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We’ve recently put to the test a number of cloth diapers and GroVia™ All-In-One is currently our favorite All-In-One (AIO) One-Size cloth diaper!  Honestly, these diapers are as revolutionary to the diapering world as color TV was to the B&W. My husband wasn’t overly excited about going cloth, but he converted willingly after he tried GroVia’s AIO only once. He’s usually picking GroVia’s AIO’s from the stack of cloth diapers, whenever he has to change our son.  Our babysitter never tried AIO’s as well, so she was a bit hesitant at first, but now she’s actually telling all the other moms about ‘the perfect’ diaper. GroVia™ AIO’s have a super absorbent, certified organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer. It comes with a snap in soaker for older babies or heavy wetters. Read below why GroVia Chose TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) over PUL (Polyurethane Laminate). Furthermore, the 100% organic cotton inner is peroxide bleached to ensure the cotton fibers retain their full absorbency. […]

The Cloth Diaper We Love That Is Made In The USA

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Happy Heinys pocket diaper’s adorable colors and prints immediately stick out. These diapers make me wish my little boy could walk around without pants all day to show off his cute cloths (no chance of competition from the ugly disposable diapers). I actually put on some leg warmer instead of pants a few times when we had visitors, to show off the little Happy Heinys bear prints. All of our friends and family agreed they deserved an award just because they were so visually outstanding! Happy Heinys made a few tweaks to their existing one size pocket diapers and we tested their new and improved version. This new version takes out the bulk and leaves the ideal fit and superb absorbency!  Oh yes, and they make these diapers right here in the USA! We tested 2 of Happy Heinys One Size Hook & Loop Pocket Diapers: the Organic version that has a PUL outer layer with organic cotton and hemp fleece inner lining AND the regular version is made of custom-milled fleece and an outer layer of PUL. Here’s the scoop on them both: […]

4 Eco-Friendly/Organic Baby Carriers Put to the Test

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Sandra Blum I love carrying my baby boy around in a baby carrier.  I've tested several baby carriers for this post and wanted to share my opinion [...]

10 Safe Alternative Baby Shower Essentials

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First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, you are about to have a baby!  Now is the perfect time to browse through our topic categories on the left side bar (0-1 year) to [...]

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cloth Diapering

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Have you wondered if you should cloth diaper your baby? Are you afraid that it’s going to be too much work and too messy?  There are so many different kinds of cloth diapers on the market today and lots of great accessories to make cloth diapering at home and on the go a breeze.  But, is it still the best option for you and your family? I remember when my little one was an infant, my first attempts at using cloth diapers were a total failure.  It kept me from going cloth for another year, and once I got it down I couldn’t believe I had failed so miserably the first tries.  This is a great read for any new mom, or for any mom with a little one in diapers. We ask cloth diaper expert and store owner of Wild Flower Diapers to answer 10 most frequently asked questions about cloth diapering. […]

Safe and Non-toxic Organic Nap Mat by Sewn Natural: PVC-Free and Fire Retardant-Free

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Nap mats are designed to keep our precious children cozy during quiet nap times in day care, preschool and kindergarten.  They are not suppose to be a toxic breathing space that may affect the long term health of their brain, nervous system, respiratory systems and (oh yeah) endocrine systems. When I started looking for a safe nap mat for my little one for preschool I thought I must be caught up in a horrible nightmare.   Almost all sleep mats are  made of PVC/vinyl and fire retardant chemical soaked foams!  Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t want my child playing with a vinyl toy let alone sleeping for hours on a PVC mat! But now I can rest assured that my little angel will be taking naps at school that DO benefit her brain!   We are super happy to tell you about a chemical-free, organic cotton and hemp sleep mat that we found on Etsy and is made by hand in Ottawa, Canada.  Now we can sleep tight at night knowing that this safe alternative sleep mat is available for our little dreamers. […]

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Formaldehyde-Free Baby and Children’s Clothing Companies

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By SafBaby Founders Sandra Blum and Samantha Fox Olson On December 30, 2008 we posted our first version of this article regarding which clothing companies do and do NOT treat [...]

Ergobaby Organic: A Beautiful and Organic Pack To Wear Your Baby

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By SafBaby Co-Founder Samantha Fox Olson Every single person I know with an Ergobaby Carrier absolutely LOVES it, me included! Do you have a baby/toddler? Do you support an organic lifestyle? If [...]

The Ultimate ‘Safe Alternative’ Gift Guide for Kids 0-6

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We are so happy to bring this Gift Guide for kids to you this year.  We have hand selected only the finest products made from conscious companies with the highest standards in toy safety.  All of these products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, green, or a safe alternative to other similar products readily available at big box stores. We were looking for toys and games that enliven our children’s imaginations, that bring about a feeling of magical play, AND that are healthy!  Santa would be proud to deliver ANY of these gifts and all gifts fit in Santa’s budget too. All gifts are under $100, and we even have a great coupon code from Maukilo too!  Enjoy! […]

Eco-friendly ‘Green’ Shoes, From Shoe to Packaging, For Baby and Toddler

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Simple® shoes has done it again!  Not only do we adore their eco-friendly line of infant shoes, but we love their “green” shoes for little kids too! Poodle and Doodle and Noodle.  Sounds so fun I have to say it again…..Poodle, Doodle and Noodle are all the names of the shoes in this fabulous line.  Names make you giggle, and the shoes themselves make you smile.  Beautifully designed and manufactured with great integrity! Wanna know what else makes these shoes such a must? […]

Baby Carriers Can Contain Toxic Fire Retardants, Dyes and Formaldehyde

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...that's why we wanted to review a totally natural, non-toxic AND beautiful baby wearing sling.    New Native is a comfortable and easy-to-wear baby carrier, that is free of harmful additives! [...]

Luxuriously Dreamy: Organic Cotton Crib Bedding by Coyuchi

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Coyuchi’s certified organic cotton crib sheets and blankets are THE softest you’ll find!  They are made from 100% certified organic fair trade cotton, and grown “by hand” on family farms in India. My 2 1/2 year old, who is still happily sleeping in her crib, seriously favors this brand of organic bedding. She tells me often how soft her sheets feel and even refused to go to bed one night because I put on her old fitted sheet and blanket (it was laundry day!). Since our young children spend most of their time sleeping, it is nice to know their little growing bodies rest on pure and natural, formaldehyde and toxic-dye free sheets and mattress.  And if you haven’t read our post on the harmful effects of insecticides and pesticides in the cotton industry, please do read! Additionally, Coyuchi’s bedding line (including bumpers, blanket and sham) is dreamy.  The embroidery is so simple and sweet that we just fell in love.  The soft feel of the artwork is perfect for all babies! […]

Go Green With These Economical Organic One Size Cloth Diapers/Wipes

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There is really no excuse decent enough not to go cloth these days. Instead of dumping billions of diapers in landfills which take hundreds of years to decompose, it's time [...]

Organic Swaddle Blankets by Solana Baby Wear: Non-toxic Dyes and Formaldehyde-free

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I didn’t know anything about swaddling when I had my first baby, but after watching the Happiest Baby on the Block and trying it out, swaddling our little girl was the easiest way to get her to sleep peacefully.  Not to mention, swaddling can help relieve colic and helps an infant to feel safe, as if still snug in mama’s womb. I was not happy though with the heavy cotton receiving blankets I bought, I was constantly afraid my baby would overheat and checked on her often. Additionally, most conventional receiving/swaddling blankets contain harmful dyes, formaldehyde, synthetics (like polyester) and fire retardants.  If you choose a Certified Organic Cotton Swaddle however, you can be certain that what is blanketing your little one’s brand new skin (and nervous system) is 100% pure goodness. […]

Natural Mat’s Organic Cotton and Natural Latex Mattress: The Coco Mat

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Natural Mat is a respectable mattress company that passes strict US Fire Retardants standards without any use of toxic fire retardants. Right on!  This is not easy to find.  (Please beware of the “organic” label on mattresses unless you really know what you are looking for.) Natural Mat is truly a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free crib mattress that we recommend. Natural Mat uses natural latex, cruelty-free wool and organic cotton in their mattresses.  However, their Coco Mat is latex free. ‘Natural Latex’ was a topic we were feeling quite confused with, so  Natural Mat helped clarify with us how their “natural” process works since they do use natural latex in their more expensive line of organic mattresses.  Also, we cover the subject of potential allergies, and other important concerns in our exclusive interview below! […]

Naturepedic’s Organic Cotton Mattress: Wool Free and Latex Free

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What's special and convenient about Naturpedic's organic mattress for babies and children is that they have a 2-in-1 crib and twin mattress. This versatile 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra [...]

Non-toxic Crib Mattress: Organic doesn’t mean safer!

By |March 25, 2009 |0-1 yr, 1-3 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs, Nursery, Nursery Room, Product Reviews|

Knowing now the dangers of fire retardant to our children, the thought of having my baby face down, or even face up, on a product that is riddled with these dangerous chemicals is frightening. It is also unsettling to think that a mattress can be labeled “organic”, and STILL contain toxic hormone, reproductive, and neurological-disrupting chemicals. Yes, you read that one correctly. An “organic” mattress does NOT mean “free of toxins” or “natural.” (Something to loose sleep over when it comes to the product your baby spends over half of their young years on.) You could be getting fooled by toxic marketing techniques! So, before you spend your money to keep your most precious angel safe and dreamy, read this! […]

‘Wrap of Love’ – Luxurious, Organic, Fair Trade and Extra Special

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Luxurious and cozy soft, this organic cotton bathrobe by Coyuchi is everything you would dream of to wrap up the perfect bubble bath experience for your small child! I feel as if I am treating my toddler to a rich experience of a baby-spa each time I drape her into this ‘wrap of love.’  Not only that, but on a higher level, I also feel that I have positively contributed to our planet in a more compassionate manner too. These high quality bathrobes are made of the highest quality certified organic cotton, are free of formaldehyde, and all of their farming and manufacturing is done with fair trade practices. At a first glance, that may not sound dramatically “planet enhancing”, but once you learn more about these standards, you will look at our textile industry with new eyes, and feel a sense of appreciation for companies such as Coyuchi who’s mission is truly respectable. […]