At SafBaby we have been searching for baby dolls free of PVC for the last few months (in the US and Europe), and we have been unsuccessful in finding one.

Since we’ve recently received an email from a mother who’s desperately trying to find a doll for her little girl that is PVC/Vinyl-Free, we now post our research here for all of you.

Even though most manufacturers claim that PVC/Vinyl without phthalates is not harmful, many experts question it’s safety.

Please read our informative and insightful interview on this topic in full here.

Here is an excerpt of our interview:

SafBaby: Some toys are labeled “Phthalate-free.” Is this enough or should I only purchase PVC-free?

Mike Schade from CHEJ (Center for Health, Environment and Justice):

Certainly, phthalate free toys are a step in the right direction, but even PVC toys that are phthalate-free may contain other potentially harmful chemical additives. For example, lead has been found in a number of PVC children’s toys and back-to-school products such as lunch-boxes. Many companies have substituted lead for other “stabilizers” such as organotins which may be harmful over time. Some organotins affect the central nervous system, skin, liver, immune system and reproductive system. Since the organotins are not 100% bound to the polymer, they can easily migrate from within a PVC product to the surface.

The best bet is to look for toys that are 100% PVC-free. After all, it’s better to be sa