Wow!  I personally dislike (using a nice word here) Monsanto for their corrupt and downright inhumane production of GMOs and pesticides.  Not only are they destroying our food, they are destroying our soil and the lives of innocent people/farmers.

Now I have just one more reason to “dislike” them.  I had no idea, but it is true, that Monsanto is the one responsible for the bovine growth hormone explosion that has tainted America’s cow milk supply!  Not only are they the manufacturers of genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH), but they additionally have helped make the laws state that if a company selling milk that does NOT contain the harmful bovine growth hormone they can NOT label it as so without a disclaimer stating that rBGH is not harmful.  In fact, Monsanto is actually suing several milk companies for putting the “hormone free” label on their milk!  This is crazy.   How can a corporation like Monsanto work such corruption into our system and then have the right to affix our laws to suit their corrupt deeds?  This is outrageous!

rBGH Has Been Banned in 31 Countries but NOT in the US

Is rBGH really all that bad?  The statistics show this:  babies as young as one year old are developing breasts and tots as young as 4 are having menstrual bleeding!  This may persuade you to lift an eyebrow.  Not only do these hormonal imbalance dangers minimize as consumption of milk is reduced for these babies and children, but countries world wide have straight up banned rBGH from being used on dairy cows.  Hummmm (both eyebrows raised).  Twenty- seven European nations, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada have banned all use of rBGH to protect their people from this dangerous catastrophe.

Companies/Manufacturers free of rBGH

Here are some safe alternative companies you can trust are rBGH/hormone free.  Let us know if you know of any others please.

  • Any organic dairy product
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Starbucks
  • Yoplait Yogurt
  • Pinkberry
  • Tillamook

For a huge data base of rBGH free companies see the site Sustainable Table here. This site additionally tells you how to download this list to your iPhone or iPod too.

For more info on the dangers of rBGH see “Milk:   America’s Health Problem” by the Cancer Prevention Coalition and John Robbins site here.