We have literally been up to our ears in toy safety this season. We have reviewed so many toys with our toddlers testing them along side of us. We have interviewed experts in the toy safety world, and we have been interviewed for our thoughts too!

We have put a serious filter (to say the least) on what we recommend to you today. We have done so because we truly wish to offer only the safest alternatives available out there! To tell you the truth, what we experienced this season was a little bit of disappointment when it comes to non-toxic perfection and quality.

BUT… what we share with you today has made us extremely proud of these manufactures and companies whom stand above and beyond what is most readily available in our marketplace today!

All the toys we’ve selected use non-toxic water based stains, and are free of PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, fire retardants and other harmful chemicals. Also, all the toys we recommend are priced under $100!!!

We’ve learned that not all toys marketed as “green toys” are truly healthy! We have played some toys that are handmade, painted with non-toxic paints, BUT outgassed toxic glues! Others outgassed because of the PVC packaging.

We not only had our kids take these toys for test runs, but as SafBaby parents we also did the smell test! Because if a toy stinks, you won’t find us recommending to you!


Corolle Pink Melodie Doll

Since becoming increasingly aware of the harmful dangers of PVC, the thought of my baby girl cuddling and sleeping with this toxin just doesn’t sit right with me. This 16″ cloth Corolle doll is a cuddly, safe alternative to your typical PVC-doll.

My little girl’s face lit up when she saw her, and right off the bat she named her doll “Baby Kid.”

This Corolle Pink Melodie Doll is absolutely adorable, head to toe! For an infant, there is a magical world of sensory stimulation, with touch and vivid colors. Her pink hair and beige shoes feel incredibly soft, her outfit sports a feminine sweetness, and her smiley facial expression is contagious.

Oh, we just have to mention the pink freckles…..too cute! We love that this doll is machine washable on delicate, and that she comes in a unique, beautiful box. All you will have to do to gift this babi Corolle is place a bow on top!

We also love the All Natural Doll Stroller from Nova Naturals
(recommended age for this stroller is 2 years and up). 


Selecta Spedino Push Toy

This colorful mouse with theatrical whiskers is made of FSC-certified wood.

It is unique toys like this that will stay in your family for a long time coming.

He pedals as fast as you toddler (12m+) pushes the handle. His arms carry two bells ringing away as he maintains his balance!

My daughter loved the Selecta Push Toys when she started walking and she still plays with it at age 2. What a great gift for any starting walker!


Building Blocks from Heros

All children love building blocks, and from our findings, some of the best quality non-toxic and colorful blocks are made by Heros.

Again, so many of the blocks we’ve seen have quite a smell to them. These are colored so vividly and passed our sniff test!

We love that it comes in this sturdy tube to put blocks away neatly when done playing. Your child will play with these for years to come.


Challenge & Fun Frog Book Playbook

A great small gift you can bring with you anywhere your child goes – in car or diaper bag!

Thoughtfully illustrated and crafted by Chelono, this Frog Play Book is a lovely, simple wooden book that is delightful to the children 18m and up.

A three dimensional frog peeks through the peephole on each page to complete the picture and create stories of endless imagination. So cute!


Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse

Have you ever met a child that does not like a rocking horse? We haven’t, and this one is state-of-the-art! The natural wood and Euro-contemporary styling make this a beautiful addition to any room and is sure to have your child smiling, “hee haw!”

We love how easy it is to fold (just unscrew) and a stopper prevents unintentional folding of the rocker too.

This Tori Rocking Horse is beautifully made and is incredibly sturdy. The horsey provides a wide sitting area with a back to prevent sliding off backwards. There are also hand pegs and feet rails for added stability. The gentle rocker arc prevents over-rocking tip-over for those of us with rowdy cowgirls and cowboys.

We really love the simple folding feature of this unique and natural rocking horse which allows for easy transporting (like to grandma and grandpa’s house) and great space saver when need too.

All you’ll need extra is a cool riding hat!


Plan Toys Stacking Clown

Got to love a toy that is like 3 games in one! Stacking, colors and shapes!

How it works: The clown is hiding a shape in each two-sided ring for color and shape matching. Your toddler need to figure out the right order to stack all the pieces to create the clown.

This is a fun new way to learn fundamental skills of shape and color that are essential for development. It is great for developing beginning sequential logic, practicing pre-reading skills and beginning math knowledge.

Crafted from recycled rubber wood and colored with eco-friendly dyes, this whimsical character makes development of fine motor skills a fun lesson.

I like to take this fun stacking clown with us when we travel, keeps baby girl busy and engaged with a well-crafted, beautifully vibrant fun toy. A real favorite for her.

Isn’t the clown face great? Couldn’t have a better hair day!

Skuut Balance Bike

This wooden balance bike seems to be very popular these days! It was a real hit with my husband when it took him less than 10 minutes to assemble it too.

The Skuut™ Balance Bike teaches coordination, balance and allows for an easier, more confident, transition into the 2-wheel bike too!

Other reasons we love the Skuut:

  • Skuut™ is made of 100% Russian Birchwood and their factory is FSC certified, so the Skuut comes from sustainable forests.
  • Their shipping boxes are made up of 35% post consumer waste and are recyclable also.
  • Skuut™ has partnered with Trees for the Future. They make an annual contribution to their program, as well as plant one tree for every Skuut sold.

The balance bike looks amazing and we are all about getting outdoors and staying active.

At first balancing the ride is not super easy. But giving our children safe challenges helps them grow into successful adults. After a little practice, your child will be off like the wind. Helmets please!

The turn radius on this bike is good, not too drastic. We love the Skuut!

Recommended for those 2-5 years young.


Discovery Wooden Puzzle Safari

I love Chelona puzzles, they’re beautifully made with vibrant colors and my daughter loves to play with this one.

She tends to get tired of toys quickly, but not of this unique jigsaw puzzle!

Pictures beneath each piece is a slighthly different picture to discover. She also likes to tell stories and plays with the pieces.

A new adventure each time! Keeps that imagination wild!



Plan Toys Fire Engine

This Fire Engine is equipped with rotating ladder, that also extends, and rescue gear such as a fire extinguisher, and turning hose reels. How that for good clean fun?

Two firemen are also included. Your little guy will surely love this one. This Plan Toys Fire Truck with Firemen is HOT!

We like that this fire truck is ideal for outdoor play as well as indoor play due to sturdy wheels, which look super cool too!

Also, the wood used to craft this hero-making-play-machine is plantation rubberwood. The look and feel of the natural wood is awesome, not to mention eco-friendly!

Product size: 23 x 39 x 16 cm (approximately 11 x 15 x 6 inches)


Balancing Cactus by Plan Toys

My husband purchased this Balancing Cactus toy for our daughter on her birthday, and it was a hit!

The game seems so simple, but it is so much fun, making it a perfect fit for the whole family!

1-4 players can play the game of balancing the cactus parts onto the base.

We love that it is a colorful way to bring the family together. And again, you can’t go wrong with the safety standards of Plan Toys®!

Recommended for ages 3+.


Green Toys Recycled Tea Set

We are only recommending one plastic toy this year and here it is: Green Toys™ 100% Recycled Plastic Tea Set!

Green Toys™ has a mission that we believe in, and we greatly respect a toy that is 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and with no lead paint!

Green Toys™ does a good job of displaying their safety information on their packaging too, which of course is made from recycled materials too.

This pink, purple, green and yellow tea set sits 4 and brews up good-imagination fun! 17 pieces included all together.

Our little girls just love to play tea party. They have so much fun pouring each other “tea” and it is even safe to serve your little angels crackers and cookies on their little plates too!

We love that this toy encourages imagination and sharing. And of course, we think it is totally cool that they recycle milk jugs to create a 100% recycled toy made right here in the USA!


Activity Bus from Plan Toys

Not only does this bus open up, little imaginations do too.

Hop aboard – the play possibilities are endless! With the bright yellow wood bus comes 2 figures, 3 desks, a chalkboard/map, chair and books.

We think this would be such a sweet toy for those kids that say’ “preschool is cool!”



Engaging our children with safe play and stimulating fun is a gift that keeps on giving as a life-time of health and well-being. May each and everyone of you have a blessed holiday season, and a Happy New Year!With hours and hours of researching and sorting through many of Santa’s goodies, we feel that what SafBaby.com offers today is a selection of toys for baby and child that not only exceed regulated safety standards, but they are toys your children will actually love to play with too!

Be safe, live merrily, and remember….“There is always a safer alternative!” Fa La La La La la la la la……